General Elections 2014 – Day 18

The Bharatiya Jhagada Party
The Bharatiya Jhagada Party

BJP vs BJP. Real BJP vs Fake BJP. Insiders & Intellectuals of BJP vs. Outsiders & Imposters of BJP. Greed of BJP top guns vs Ideology of BJP top guns. BJP is working hard to replace Janta in its name with Jhagada. No day passes without a serious fight within BJP, BJP would like to call it disagreement and probably has written to Oxford dictionary to add meaning of war as yet another meaning for disagreement. Infighting within rank and file of BJP stands exposed and with it stands exposed my way or the highway approach of its current masters. The day was dominated by BJP’s refusal to give mandate for Barmer seat to Jaswant Singh JI, a visibly upset Jaswant Singh Ji broke down when NDTV’s camera were rolling. Scores of statements are being attributed to “close associates” of Jaswant Singh Ji that separating the wheat from the chaff looks like an impossible task. Jaswant Singh Ji on the other hand has stated that this would be his last elections and despite refusal on Barmer is determined to fight from Barmer only. As per him real BJP is dead and what is happening is all fake. Sadly for Jaswant Singh Ji, only Sushma Swaraj  Ji expressed her sadness over turn of events.

Advani Ji had more reasons to feel disappointed, sitting MP and Advani Ji’s closes associate from Ahmedabad East, Harin Pathak was dumped by BJP. Ahemdabad East was given to actor Paresh Rawal and all those who are not actors got busy in enacting fake display of solidarity in front of media. Modi-fication of BJP, looks like is complete.

BJP’s close ally Shirimoni Akali Dal made sure that BJP remained busy, even if it meant providing more ammunition. Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Parkash Singh Badal introduced Arun Jaitley as future Deputy Prime Minister of India. No wonder there was an unending chain of denials which followed.

Depending on their convenience leaders and self-declared leaders have been busy making blanket statements. MDMK’s Vaiko says even if BJP and allies get no seat from Tamilnadu, Modi would still be the PM. Yes, why not? Technically speaking even if BJP doesn’t get even one seat Modi can be the PM, right? While Vaiko was at it, neighboring Karnataka had its own set of leaders making great predictions. Ananth Kumar went on record saying that he was sure BJP would win 20 out of 28 seats in Karnataka and another 70 between UP and Bihar. If Election Commission of India had decided to levy a fees of Rs 1,000 for every prediction done by candidates, our General Elections would be a profitable business for the country.

Means of transport were on display at nominations today, metro and open jeeps got company of e-bike and cars as leaders tried to position themselves around the image they would like people to believe. Parvesh Sahib Singh who also goes by the name Pravesh Verma decided to leave his fleet of SUVs at home and his various farms as he and his wife rode on an e-bike to file nominations. Of course he managed to get great press coverage.

N.K. Singh ejected from JD (U) and landed with BJP while M.J.Akbar did a 180 degree  maneuver  and joined BJP. Has M.J.Akbar been inducted to give a push to the secular appeal of Modi Ji and BJP? Of course, yes. Even if it was not the purpose, it is the low hanging fruit which BJP went for.

Rahul Gandhi talked about empowerment, yes, it is not a joke, he did talk about empowerment of common people and how BJP grabs power from he people and concentrates it in one hand. Yes, in one hand and he was sorry that the hand was Mr. Modi’s and not election symbol of Congress. Meanwhile billboards of Rahul Gandhi have come up all over the country with  “Har haath shakti, har haath tarakki” as Congress’ answer to BJP’s “Ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar”. Whether shakti & tarakki (power and progress) planks work against Modi’s bhakti (worship) plank is a no-brainer.

Every vote matters and excluding any section of the society, however small it may be, would be suicidal is the mantra for many parties. In developments today, AAP joined CPI (M) in officially endorsing same sex consensual sex between  adults. Now that counts for couple of million votes across the length and breadth of our country assured.

Meanwhile in Chandni Chowk Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s attempt to find a ray of light met with disappointment, he could see only slums and decay and of course he attributed it to 15 years of Congress representation from this constituency. Kapil Sibal was quick to get back, he opined that Dr. Harsh Vardhan should quit as MLA before looking at representing as an MP from Chandni Chowk, whether Dr. sahib would comply or not is anybody’s guess.

Meanwhile one out of every five seats is likely to see a turncoat cashing in. There is a lot of resentment from committed cadre as these tainted new recruits undo hard work of decades of some of the sitting MPs or aspirants. AAP is trying hard to get clean candidates and if they come with fancy last names, so be it. Defeating Priya Dutt from Mumbai North-Central is considered to be an uphill task, literally also. AAP is confident that a fancy last name and a clean image can unseat Priya Dutt and the name is Pheroze Palkhiwala, as clean and as famous as it can get. If not anything else, AAP is learning politics very quickly.

Fish Amritsari has competitors, Arun Jaitley says he is more Amritsari than his opponent. Sahi hai, Jai Ho Jaitley Amritsari Ji!

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