Who will rule Delhi next – AAP, Congress or BJP?

Delhi today voted to decide whom they want to see as their next Chief Minister. No doubt the Narendra Modi wave is strong in Delhi that can bring victory to Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). But Arvind Khejriwal’s popularity cannot be underestimated as he is able to stir the middle class with much force instead of being a very new. Total of 1.2 crore voters will cast their vote on Dec 4 in Delhi. Out of total, 4 lakh will be the first time voters.

In Delhi state election 810 candidates are fighting for 70-member house. The BJP is fighting for 66 seats and left four seats for its partner Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). The AAP and Congress are contesting all 70 seats. The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is fighting 69 seats, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) nine, and Samajwadi Party 27 seats. 224 independents are also fighting the elections.

Three time winner Congress is having a tough competition from not only the very old rival Bharatiya Janata Party but also from the new entrant Aam Adami Party. Sheila Dikshit is boosting the 15 years term of Congress in Delhi with infrastructure development and other such projects completed during her tenure as Chief Minister of Delhi. The BJP is pointing towards inflation and rising crime against women in Delhi during Congress rule. Whereas the AAP has made anti corruption as their main agenda. AAP is also stating that if they would come to power then within 15 days Jan Lokpal Bill will be passed. Also electricity cost will be cut down to 50%. They are even doing door-to-door campaign especially in unauthorized and poor colonies.

In an opinion poll by The India Today Group-ORG, the BJP has come out as a clear cut winner of the election. It predicts that the party will win 36 seats out of 70. Dr Harsh Vardhan, BJP Chief Ministerial candidate is a new icon for middle class voters in Delhi. Based on personal popularity, 28% voters voted Sheila Dikshit, 22% Kejriwal and 19% Harsh Vardhan. Other polls predict little hope for the complete victory of BJP in Delhi. It is expected that they will win between 22-28 seats.

In the last one year the Aam Aadmi Party undoubtedly has given sleepless nights to its rivals. The AAP is ready to take politics in Delhi by storm. In almost every survey the AAP has gained huge response from the voters. In another survey done by the AAP, it has been predicted that the AAP will win 38-50 seats out of 70. Recent sting operation against party has not harmed the face of the Aam Aadmi Party as expected. As per this survey by AAP, BJP will get 27% and Congress will get 26% vote share in Dec 4 Delhi elections. Popularity of AAP is because of its connection with the urban middle and lower class of Delhi. These segments are the most dominant voting segments in the state.

In an Economic Times survey Khejriwal will give Sheila Dikshit the worst ever defeat. Share of the AAP will be almost double than that of Congress.  One of the reasons why AAP has given tickets to a common man is their concern towards the development of the society. The party has also cancelled the tickets of its corrupt candidates. But no one can say with certainty that whether this mass following will turn into votes for AAP.

But then who will be able to convert masses into votes? You won’t have to wait for a long time as the result will be out on 8th Dec, the day when Delhities will come to know their next CM.

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