Top 5 Non-Fiction Book Series

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Sometimes people turn towards books for escapism. We love to read fictional stories because they’re set in a world apart and can quickly whisk us away from our earthly woes.

Fantasy book series is essential for everyone. They take you on extravagant adventures with ruthless enemies, heaps of treasures, magical powers or mystical beings. Anything and everything is possible in the realm of fantasy.

A good fantasy book is equal parts imagination, artistry and a penchant for creative writing. A good book series will have you gasping at every cliffhanger, scratching your head for the next clue or wide-eyed through a tense climax.

Here are five-book series that everyone should read once for an adventure of a lifetime:

The name of the wind

Patrick Rothfuss

The Name of The Wind takes a different route than normal fantasy series. Instead of introducing the characters and then slowly leading the story towards the final battle, the battle is already over when the book starts. Instead, we meet a battle-hardened, old protagonist who is over the prime of his age. The whole book series is a retelling of the events within three days. The book has stunning imagery, a well-thought magic system, intriguing prose and a story that will keep you hooked.

Crooked Kingdom

Leigh Bardugo 

Imagine ocean’s eleven meets game of thrones. Dare we say more? A band of six misfits, a thief, a woman with the gift for unlikely escapes, a gunslinger, a soldier, a witch and a young teenager. What happens when such an unlikely group is brought together for a heist? That too into one of the most heavily guarded forts in the world? Too many questions, only one way to know. Read this incredible duology that will blow your mind and touch your heart at the same time. Read the Shadow and Bone trilogy before this one to avoid spoilers and better understand the Grisha verse.

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

If you love dystopian science fiction, the Hunger Games is the perfect book series for you. Set in a post-apocalyptic world. The countries as we know are all gone because of a war that ravaged long ago. The humans in what was once North America now live in a new nation called Panem. Every year, two tributes from each of the twelve districts are chosen and put inside an arena. Only one will survive and win the Hunger Games. Such is the ruthless setting of this series. The book covers many important topics like politics, the infinity of human cruelty and kindness. It contains a strong female protagonist that will make you want to root for her all the way.

The Maze Runner

Thirty boys left in a gigantic maze. They are surrounded by creatures that come out at night. There is no way to go through this maze, and nobody knows how they got here. Every month a new child is sent into the maze, only not to remember anything about their time before. Everything changes when a new boy and a girl show up; they might have some answers. Read this dystopian science fiction masterpiece for sure. A book series that will make you shiver from fear within a sunlit room.

Harry Potter series

J. K. Rowling

What book series countdown is complete without the most extensive selling book series of all time? You’ve probably watched the movies and know how insufferable those people are who say, “but the books are better”. It’s time to join the other side and see how the books genuinely are better than the movie versions. We’ve got Charlie Weasley, a more brilliant Ron, stupid Hermione moments and a lot more of Harry and Ginny.