Go Goa Gone Movie Review

Go Goa Gone
Go Goa Gone
Go Goa Gone
Go Goa Gone

Starring: Saif Ali Khan, Kunal Khemu, Vir Das, Puja Gupta, Anand Tiwari

Directed By: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K

Music: Sachin-Jigar

Genre: Zombie-Comedy

Its time to say goodbye to the boring ghosts , spirits and the vampires because the walking dead have finally invaded Bollywood! Zombies are the new trend and Bollywood is all geared up to introduce the spectators to this new species. India gets its first Zombie-Comedy or “Zom-Com” (as they call it) with GO GOA GONE!  Humor and horror are two sides of a coin and it requires a real talented mind to amalgamate them. Thankfully, the directors of the film have managed to bring out an uproarious gag in their unique and bold attempt.

Plot: To get away from their mundane lives, Hardik and Luv tag along to Goa with their best friend, Bunny, on his business trip. Little do they know about what is in store for them. Luv befriends Luna, who invites them to an exclusive rave party on an isolated island. A Russian Mafia, Boris, is the man behind this party which is set to launch the ultimate party drug. Soon they realize that they are stranded on an isolated island accosted with zombies all striving to eat them! Where did these zombies come from?  How do they save themselves? That is something to be discovered!

Performances: Kunal Khemu and Vir Das are jaunty and facile. The youngsters nail their acts without getting overboard. There is no denying their charm and good looks but what electrifies their presence is the perfect comic timing. Amit Tiwari is in good form, like a stage actor who knows when to drop those punches. Puja Gupta has got nothing much to her part. Her role has been sidelined and her screen space unduly cut. Saif Ali Khan, as a Russian, indulges you in his Russian accent. Though his dialogues are substandard, his presence remains flavorful just lacking in minutes. Except for one or two witty one-liners, his role has been carved inefficiently.

Music: Composed by the duo Sachin-Jigar, the music of the film has insane soundtracks aptly tailored for a Zom-Com. Lyrics of the songs are something you can’t help repeating endlessly! Each and every number is crazy and witty! The entire album is highly addictive taking you to the ultimate high. Kudos to the composers!

What’s Good: The performances by the young actors are refreshing and funny, enough to score high points for the film. The dialogues are quirky and entirely responsible for invoking a laugh. The music is a cherry on the cake.

What’s Bad: Too much of blood, gore, flesh and amputated arms can squirm you with an urge to vomit. The script is shallow and lacks sense. The second half and especially the climax of the movie could have been fleshed out better. The zombies are way too ugly and filthy to look at.

Overall, the movie is a unique attempt by the Indian filmmakers. The introduction of zombies to Bollywood with a comic element is bizarre! The phenomenal performances, crackerjack dialogues and the addictive music need to be lauded. Being the first of its kind, don’t give it a miss!

Verdict: Go see “dead peepal”! :p You might feel like a zombie yourself!

Rating: ** and a 1/2