A Sunday Brunch at Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe

Map of Delhi depicting location of Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe in Greater Kailash


I had to meet a friend for a surprise Sunday brunch. With a lot of eagerness, when we climbed the stairs of a building in Greater Kailash (GK) – 1 market, the sight took me back to my vacation days in Dehradun. The minute I entered the cafe, I felt like I am far away from the hustle – bustle of Delhi.

Though when we entered, we could not pick our favourite table since the cafe was full and my friend missed on table booking. Hence, I highly recommend table reservation to sit in your favourite corner and sip on your glass of wine. Anyhow, we were lucky enough to get atleast a table in the cafe.


Nevertheless, the table we got was so beautiful with a wood cut rusted table and small chalky pots on top of it with pretty Hyacinths. The table was set against a white window with flower tops hanging on it. The entire cafe is done with unfinished wooden logs. In fact, the ceiling is also covered with woods which gives the exact feel that its name suggest; mountains cafe.

The cafe is in second floor and along with the rooftop. The first floor is sectioned in five corners which are differently designed with the same theme and architecture. We chose to sit in the first floor due to Delhi’s scorching heat. Had it been a pleasant weather, I would have sit at the rooftop.

Inside View of Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe

Inside View of Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe

Another most charming thing about the place was its live music set up. And no, it was not noisy or distracting. The guy sang so beautifully from “Blowing in the wind” by Bob Dylan to “Lemon Tree” by Peter, Paul and Mary to “Hey there Delilah” by Plain White T’s. What a voice! My friend was elated by his songs. But here, I would like to take the opportunity and mention that we should take few minutes from our dining and appreciate the musician who is playing his music to the perfection. The performance lasted for good thirty minutes, after that some good old school collection was playing in the background which was equally pleasant.


Anyhow, the entire cafe was brewing of wine and food which escalated our hunger pangs even more. The waitperson handed over a set of beautiful menu cards and we got lost in the myriad of fancy dishes and drinks. After a lot of discussion, we went ahead and ordered baked cheese nachos with a lot of herbs on it as starter and creamy mushroom filled ravioli with cheesy tomato sauce as main course. And one plate is so filling that we didn’t have to order individual dishes. For drinks the server offered us Witlinger; India’s first crafted bottled beer which is actually a Belgium style wheat beer. And we don’t regret one bit.

Food at Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe

Food at Music & Mountains Hillside Cafe

However, the smoking area was extremely small which cannot hold even four people together.

On The Whole

The server was very polite and was mindful of our table. And the service was also spot on time. Overall, the ambience was so delightful.

On the Pocket

It is slightly on the expensive side. We used our zomato gold card and the bill was around 2,200. But once in a while, for a special date or a family dine out, this place is a lovely delight.

A Grudge Though…

The table was so small that we were struggling to fit two plates together with our beer bottles. Therefore, do not forget to pre book your table for a more comfortable seating.

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