Vishwaroopam II : A Sensationalised tale of espionage

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upcoming movies this friday

Directed by: Kamal Haasan

Produced by: Kamal Hassan

Written by: Kamal Haasan

Atul Tiwari (Hindi dialogues)

Starring: Kamal Haasan, Rahul Bose, Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah, Shekhar Kapur

Music by: Ghibran

Cinematography: Sanu Varghese, Shamdat Sainudeen

Edited by: Mahesh Narayan, Vijay Shankar

Production company Aascar Films PVT. Limited, Raaj Kamal Films International

Distributed by: Raaj Kamal Films International, Rohit Shetty Pictures (Hindi), Reliance Entertainment (Hindi) Eram Group (Kerala)

Movie plot: The long-awaited sequel of Kamal Hassan’s Vishwaroopam which was released in 2013 has hit the theatres today. Vishwaroopam II (titled Vishwaroop 2 in Hindi) is the first movie of Kamal Hassan after his announcement of entering into active politics.

The movie possesses a coiling-recoiling plot which is choppy and vivaciously juggles between different continents and time zones. In the opening scene, we see a battered and stitched up man named Vis (Kamal Hassan) who is transported to a place with two beauties Ashmita (Jeremiah) and Nirupama (Pooja Kumar), the latter being his wife. The film takes forth the story of this Indian spy who is fighting his crusade against an Al-Qaeda terrorist named Omar (Rahul Bose) and his henchmen.
The plot of the movie appears as an incoherent muddle which is average in terms of quality. However, Kamal Hassan, the writer and director of this movie has tried hard to keep the plot on track. There are numerous gunfights, explosions and verbal jousts that attempt to fill the empty shells of the plot.

Movie review: Vishwaroopam II is about the life of a hard-hearted RAW agent who is called upon to save London and also Delhi, the capital of India. The protagonist is repeatedly questioned over his religious identity by naysayers but it is his commitment to the nation which makes him face all dangers without breaking a sweat. The movie goes back and forth between present and flashbacks. The heavy dialogues embedded in the movie neither make it coherent nor add any weight to it. However, the stunts, props and the combat scenes succeed to make it appear like a big-ticket Hollywood film.
Kamal Hassan, the lead man of the movie, is in top form. The heroines, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah, also contribute to the betterment of the movie with their acting skills. Rahul Bose and Jaideep Ahlawat who are in antagonistic roles have aptly portrayed their respective characters as caricatures of the terrorists. And how can we forget to mention the performance of veteran actress Waheeda Rehman, the Alzheimer’s-stricken mother who appears only in the second half of the movie.

Our verdict: Non-linear narrative, inept script shorn of intrigue and mystery, the movie Vishwaroopam II fails to deliver genuine thrills to its viewers. It is unable to unravel the enhanced wow quotient which was felt in its prequel Vishwaroopam. It appears like the film brought the curtains down in the halfway mark. But, there are certain scenes which successfully enthral the viewers and bring a lump to their throat. So, one can go to watch the movie with friends and family to have a thrilling weekend.