Delhi Metro: Etiquette for the commuters

Image of Delhi Metro Etiquette for the commuters

Image  of Delhi Metro Etiquette for the commuters

As the morning bell tolls, you wake up with full energy; the energy to work hard in the office, the energy to deal with the stress of all the small and big things on the personal and professional front and the energy to travel in the Delhi metro! Yes! All of you, who travel by metro everyday, know how much energy, patience and self-control you need to complete that single metro journey during morning and evening. Your struggle to catch the metro is an everyday routine and of course in case you manage to get a seat during your journey the feeling is no less than that of winning the Oscars!

Now the question is what is it that makes your supposedly relaxed journey a challenging task? You face many challenges while travelling in the metro. It is the attitude and annoying behaviour of that fellow passenger which makes you frustrated. Everyday, when you board the metro, you feel that people need to have etiquette and should be morally responsible during the travel. But, don’t forget that sometimes even you too break the rules and at times are one of them. Let’s see what all you do intentionally or unintentionally which does not come under the list of metro etiquette to be followed for a smooth and favourable journey everyday.

Before boarding the metro

• Security check at the entrance of the metro station! Does it bother you and seem to be a waste of your precious time? Understand that the metro security and the scanners are meant for your safety only.

• Standing in the queues through the AFC gates! No, who will do it? You are already getting late for office and really need to enter first. If you are also one of such people who like to break this rule, look around and you will notice that every person standing next to you is in equal hurry as you are.

• Another queue at the platform! Not again! Who will stand in a queue while waiting for the metro? You will definitely not. After all you love to break this rule of standing in queues. Its not that you are not civilized; it’s only that you want to be the first person to board the metro the moment it reaches the platform. Wait! There are hundreds of people on the platform who also want to enter the much-awaited metro. Instead, follow the rules and become a role model for your fellow passengers.

• Metro is here! You get into the metro and it does not matter if you are pushing your co-passengers or not letting the commuters to de board the metro peacefully. You very well know why you do this? You barge on others as you want to grab that vacant seat inside the metro. Board the metro peacefully, that vacant seat is not going run away!

• Rush! Rush Rush! No matter how much occupied the metro is, you will still push the passengers and will definitely get inside. Hold On! The average frequency of the metro is generally four to five minutes. Thanks to the metro authorities! You can easily wait and board the next one! Of course, this is not the last metro on earth!

After boarding the metro

• Please adjust! You did not get a seat and ask other passengers who are sitting to adjust! Please make sure there is ample space to accommodate you so that you do not cause trouble for other passengers.

• No seat! No worries! There is the floor to sit on! Do not sit on the floors as it is not only a punishable offence as per DMRC but you also occupy more space and block way for the passengers.

• Reserved seats! Who cares! Sitting on a reserved seat is fine but the moment you see a needy offer him/her a seat. You never know you might be in a similar position one day.

• Baggage Brigade! You definitely have to carry a bag to your office or educational institution. Carrying it over your shoulder and then moving here and there is not only irritating but also causes discomfort to other passengers.

• Sneeze! Cough! Yawn! You too are prone to these natural phenomenons. But their occurrence in the metro can be problematic to other commuters. Always use a handkerchief as public places like the metro are most prone to transmit germs and infections to others.

• Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! The ladies coach is meant for ladies only. You are not supposed to use them if you are a male and definitely not to stand in the compartment adjacent to the ladies compartment, especially to stare at them and peep into their coach. Respect them!

• There will be a short delay to this service! At times, you hear this announcement and panic or get irritated! Stay calm and do not make noise, discuss or crib along with your fellow passengers. Be patient and listen to the instructions and announcements by the train operator. They are equally concerned to take you to your destination.

• Make it Loud! If you love to listen to music, talk to your friends or talk on the phone, don’t be so loud that each of the co-passengers in the compartment can hear you. None of them would be interested in your conversation. Seriously!

Besides these dos and don’ts, there are many other measures which you must follow in the vicinity of the metro. Staying alert during travelling is helpful for everyone as this way calamities can be avoided. The Delhi metro has always been appreciated for its maintenance and cleanliness but every commuter has to be responsible enough not to litter around the metro area. The Delhi metro has been ranked amongst the best metro systems around the world and it is you too who has and who could make it reach higher standards. Your basic ethics and travel etiquette will only add brownie points to this ‘Life Line of Delhi’.

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