Top Cricketers and the Brands They Endorse

Top Cricketers and the Brands They Endorse

Top Cricketers and the Brands They Endorse

Cricket is more than just a sport in India, it’s a religion. And our cricketers are more than just players, they are Gods. So, there’s no reason the top brands would not strive to rope them in for grand-scale product endorsements and huge mass reach. It not only benefits the brand, but the cricketers also get a boost in their popularity. Here are the trending cricketers and the brands they are endorsing:

1. Virat Kohli

It’s no surprise the Indian skipper was named in the Forbes Magazines – World’s Highest-Paid Athletes, 2018. If you look at his long list of brands endorsements, you would clearly see where the bucks are coming from. Lately, he’s announced that he would only stick to those brands in which he truly believes. So, let’s see what he values in products and brands.

Puma: Virat signed the 110-crore deal with the brand in February 2017. The agreement is supposed to last 8 years.

Wrogn: Pronounced as Wrong, but this has been proved to be a right investment for MR. Kohli. Wrogn was founded by Universal Sportsbiz (USPL) and co-created by Virat Kohli.

MuveAcoustics: Kohli joined hands with this Hong Kong-based consumer electronics company in January 2017. He has done numerous digital campaigns with it since then.

Too Yumm: We have been seeing Virat in this snack’s commercial since December 2017. The company announced it as a healthy snack and so does Virat. And we believe him.

Tissot: Virat is with this luxurious watch brand since February 2016. He has been seen gracing this wrist accessory in both electronic and print medium.

Manyavar: We all fondly remember seeing Virat with Anushka in Manyavar’s women collection – Mohey ad. Kohli signed the deal with this luxurious brand in 2016.

Royal Challenge Alcohol: Royal Challenge Whisky ads have been given extra swag by Virat since 2017.

American Tourister: Virat became the brand ambassador for this robust luggage brand in 2016.

Boost Energy Drink: Virat is associated with Boost for a long time. Many digital campaigns have been done by him.

MRF Tyres: Kohli has a bat sponsorship with the brand. In 2017, he renewed his deal for the next 8 years.

Uber India: This trending pick-up facility got Virat on-board very recently. Uber officially announced their partnership on March 9th, 2018.

Remit 2 India: This is one of the recent ones Virat got in his kitty. Remit 2 India has Kohli as a face of advertising since June 2018.

Philips India: Virat signed a deal with this brand in June 2018. He endorses Philips trimmers in brand’s line of products.

2. MS Dhoni

He is one of the most loved cricketers of all times, top that off with his charming looks and a chocolate-boy image. So, no wonder the list of his brand endorsement is quite long as well. He has endorsed for a number of brands in his earlier days as well as doing a lot of brand promotion in present date. Here’s the list…
Sumadhura Group: South India’s major realtor brought MS Dhoni on board very recently- in June 2018. He is also group’s first ambassador. This is reported to be a multi-year engagement.

Indigo Paints: Dhoni became the brand ambassador of this leading paint manufacturer in June 2018. And it’s the news that we’ll soon see our chocolate boy/man in its ads by August.

Netmeds: This pharma startup company has roped in for Dhoni as its brand ambassador in June 2018.

Dream11: This Fantasy Sports platform zeroed in on Dhoni to be its face. They signed the deal in March 2018.

Snickers India: Snickers got Dhoni to endorse the brand in 2018.

Seven: This casual and sportswear clothing brand is both owned and endorsed by him. It was launched in 2016.

Gulf Oil India: Dhoni has been representing Gulf Oil since 2011 and their deal always gets renewed when it’s time.

3. Rohit Sharma

This talented player is not only loved by fans but also praised by cricket experts. He has been a face of a number of brands and is currently promoting…
Sharp TV: Sharp has signed Rohit Sharma recently in June 2018 for its promotions of TVs in the country.

4. Shikhar Dhawan

He’s shining more than ever. So brand endorsements are bound to follow. He has endorsed a lot of brands in the past, like Big Bazaar, Cornerstone Sport & Entertainment and more. Currently, he is associated with…
Alcis Sports: This Delhi-based startup signed the deal with Dhawan in June 2018.

MRF: Shikhar Dhawan is endorsing this mega brand for years.

5. Jasprit Bumrah

There’s no reason India’s bowling sensation won’t be chased by the big brands. Currently, he is endorsing…
Zaggle: This payments and group dining company chose Bumrah as the brand ambassador last year.

These are the cricket sensations who are currently the face of big brands. We’ll keep adding more as more deals come their way.

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