How to Download YouTube Videos on Desktop or Mobile, Step to Step Tutorial

Download YouTube Videos on Desktop or Mobile
Download YouTube videos on your desktop or mobile by following below steps.
Download YouTube Videos on Desktop or Mobile
Download YouTube videos on your desktop or mobile by following below steps.

Social media platform YouTube is a widely popular application for its video feature that assists any person to upload his/her video on different subjects, with the availability of a comment option for the audience. It has a “download” tool in the app itself, enabling the downloading of any video to avoid any network connectivity issues, and one can view it later easily.

Before download, a user should take prior approval of the creator or attribute to the original artist without undertaking any potential copyright infringement.

Check out below steps to download YouTube videos on desktop:

1) Visit the ‘‘ website.

2) While one opens it, paste the link to the YouTube video which one wants to download. The site provides numerous options to shift the resolution.

3) Post selecting the resolution, click on the download button. One can find the downloaded video in their downloads folder.

Following are the steps to download YouTube videos on mobile:

1) Open the youtube application and then start the video

2) Click on the download option available there below the video, and downloading will begin

3) One can watch the video in the library section of the application irrespective of the internet connection.

One of the best YouTube downloaders: WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, is highly recommended as it doesn’t just grab videos but can also convert them into virtually any format. It rips content from DVDs and Blu-ray discs. As it manages 4K content with flexibility, It’s not free, but no one can claim that it’s less powerful.

If one wants to view the video in the phone’s storage, install the Snaptube application from

Smart Mode makes videos downloadable in the same format. It saves download picks and loads them automatically. Then, click the lightbulb icon at the top right and paste a URL into 4K Video Downloader, downloaded immediately with the last settings one preferred.

Download videos with YouTube premium:

If someone has a YouTube Premium subscription, then one can have the ability to download videos to view offline without the involvement of third-party software. Preferred methods to do this are YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube gaming apps.

Formats to download YouTube videos:

There are multiple file formats, and the most common are MP4, 3GP, AVI and MOV.

MOV is Apple’s video format and operates on every Mac, AVI was developed by Microsoft and works gladly on PCs, and MP4 is the video equivalent of MP3 and works on pretty much anything. For maximum compatibility, one can stick with MP4.

Moreover, 3GP is the file format as It’s impeccable for small-screened mobile phones.