Paravoor City & Homestay (Kanyakumari to Leh Cycling)



I reached Paravoor at 11 am and was picked up by a person of the family hosting me for the day. It was a big beautiful house. As I had heard it before that Keralaites are very hospitable people, I witnessed it here. They served me lunch in a very traditional style on a banana leaf with many varieties of food. Everyone is very open here & I was feeling comfortable among them. Mr. Jayakrishnan, home’s eldest son, is a cinematograher in Indian film industry and does freelancing. It is exactly the same thing I want to do but I want to be an Outdoor & Action Sports Cinematographer. I had a good time talking to him, very knowledgeable person in his field and he is a really good painter too.

Homestay's work
Universal goodwill, I made freinds with this 2 year kid at my homestay

I had a very good time with a 2 year old little cute kid in the house. He is way too funny and I loved the expressions on his face. I went to the beach through a village seeing the local lifestyle here. Beach here is not famous and was quite dirty.

Kerala Reads & Liabraries are good
Library at Paravoor

Later in the evening, Mr. Jayakrishnan took me to the Paravoor Public Library to make me meet his friends. This library has books available mainly in Malayalam and then in English but you can find few books in Hindi as well. Here I came to know about the historical importance of Paravoor and how local people fought with Britishers in 1946 for freedom and there is a monument in the city which depicts the whole story of that time. I also came to know about the recently discovered huge deposit of gold in a temple at Trivandrum. It is still to be counted but people are unable to do so because as soon as they open the door, cobra snakes starts coming out. There are 5 doors in total and now under tight security. I am grateful to this family for making my day wonderful as I always get bored staying alone in a hotel.