Don’t Build Dreams on Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes


Sand Dunes

Sand dunes can teach us the meaning of hundreds of English idioms and phrases, moving the goalposts is just one of them. Some of the finest quotes on life have been written with sand dunes depicting realities of life as nothing else does – “Every time a strong wind blows, every sand and dust yearns for being a solid rock and every rock logs for flying with the wind.”

If you can’t drive down till Jaisalmer, Osian 60 KM from Jodhpur offers a walk across some of the real sand dunes of Rajasthan, real lessons of life are waiting to be discovered.  Go, see them but never build your dreams on sand dunes, one strong wind and along with the sand dune your dream may also disappear. Golden sand dunes are at their finest in Rajasthan, not many of us go out, but those who experience shifting sands like only they can.

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