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Jodhpur Map
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About Jodhpur

Located towards the western side of the capital biggest city of Jaipur, this city is the 2nd biggest city in the state of Rajasthan . Being a place of princely palaces, magnificent forts as well as age old temples, this city of Rajasthan is among the famous tourist destinations in the state as well as India. Positioned in the Thar Desert's stark landscape, Jodhpur experiences a bright and sunny weather all through the year. For this, the city is called the "Sun City". One of the specialties of this metropolitan city is that almost all the houses based around the fort of Mehrangarh are painted in blue color, due to which the city is even known as the "Blue City".

Jodhpur city is one of the major cities of Rajasthan. It encompasses an area of 22,850 and houses a population of 36,85,681 as per 2011 census. It is well connected to the rest of Rajasthan by airways, road and rail links. This city basks in the golden history and heritage of the state and is located at the fringe of the great Thar desert. The city was founded in 1459 A.D by the Rathore rulers.

Some local festivals of Jodhpur city, which may interest visitors, are Nag Panchami, Marwar festivals, Nav Sati, Gangaur, Veerpuri fair, Holi, Diwali. These festivals are celebrated amidst great cheer and religious fervency. The entire city dons a colorful and gay look. The age old traditions and culture of Jodhpur City interest most tourists who undertake a visit to this city.

Polo has been the royal sport of Jodhpur since medieval times. Polo enthusiasts visit the city to participate in the various equestrian events that are held here. Jodhpur is also well known for its furniture industry, handicrafts, glass bangles, cutlery, carpets and marble goods. Jodhpur also boasts of a unique cuisine. The local eateries accord the tourists a delectable platter of local culinary delights.

Jodhpur is a colourful city. It throbs with the romance, beauty, glory and warmth of a populous desert city which has stood testimony to civil wars, love affairs, intrigues and a display of power and wealth. The traditional folk dance and music performances, which are held at night, are great attractions to the visitors.

Demographics of Jodhpur

As per the report of Census, 2011, following are some of the basic demographic details about this Rajasthan city:
  • Total population: 36,85,681
  • Rate of male population: 52.62%
  • Rate of female population: 47.38%
  • Rate of child (Below the age group of 6 years) population: 12.24 %
  • Urban population: 11,37,815
  • Urban male population: 5,99,332
  • Urban female population: 5,38,483
  • Average rate of literacy: 81.56%
  • Rate of male literacy: 88.42%
  • Rate of female literacy: 73.93%

Tourist Places in Jodhpur

Jodhpur city is popular tourist spot in Rajasthan. This princely city that was once the capital of the Marwar kingdom has got many places of visit, which enchant tourists from all over the world. These places reflect the then tradition, culture and splendor of the city. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in and around Jodhpur are as follows:

  • Achal Nath Shivalaya: Constructed by Rao Ganga's queen Nanak Devi, this Shiva temple dates back to 1531. Made of Chhitar stone, the various parts of the temple are Garbh Griha, Kirtan Bhawan and Mandap. The major attraction of the Shivalaya is the Ganga Bawari that is a big water reservoir positioned near the Shivlinga.

  • Ganesh Temple: Located in Ratanada, this ancient temple of Jodhpur houses a statue of God Ganesh or Vinayakji.

  • Government Museum: Based amid the Umaid Public Gardens, this museum of the Jodhpur city has got a good collection of textiles, weapons, miniature portraits, local crafts, images of the Jain Tirthankars and many more.

  • Jaswant Thada: Situated towards the left side of the fort of Mehrangarh, this is a royal white marbled cenotaph. Mainly built in the memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh, this place even displays some of the rare portraits of Jodhpur's former rulers. The octagonal bungalow has now been converted to the office of the Income Tax Department.

  • Mehrangarh Fort: This is one of the most glorious fort in the city of Jodhpur. Built in the year 1459 by Rao Jodha, the fort includes several palaces, temples, galleries and a museum within its premises.

  • Rai ka Bag Palace: Built by the King Jaswant Singh First's queen Hadiji, this palace dates back to the year 1663. It is located close to Raika Bag palace railway station.

  • Raj Ranchhodji Temple: Constructed by Queen Jadechi Rajkanwar post her husband King Jaswant Singh's death, this red sandstone temple houses Ranchhodji's statue, which is made of black colored marble. Though the temple is beautifully decorated with filigree work, the main door is featured with yellow, blue and green colored glasses.

  • A must see attraction in Jodhpur is the Mehrangarh Fort, which was built by Rao Jodha in 1459. It displays the second largest cannon in Asia. Another attraction is the Umaid Bhawan Palace with a museum that has rarities, antiques and relics of the past like costumes, tea sets, clocks, timepieces and paintings. The palace has now been turned into a heritage hotel though part of it is still royal residence. More Details...

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