Elegantly Lavish: Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner

Lalgarh Palace
Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner, Rajasthan
Lalgarh Palace
Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner, Rajasthan

Built by Maharaja Ganga Singh (Maharaja of Bikaner), in the memory of his father Maharaja Lall Singh between 1902 and 1926, the Lalgarh Palace is an elegant architectural marvel. Designed with red sandstone, the palace is bejeweled with lattice and filigree work that defines excellence in craftsmanship. It is an amalgam of various architectural styles – Mughal, Rajputana and colonial British and was designed by Samuel Swinton Jacob, a British architect.

Key attractions:

  • Dramatic Rajputana exteriors with overhanging balconies beautified with intricate lattice work
  • Lush, manicured lawns around the palace with peacocks and a variety of plants
  • Open corridors decorated with hunting trophies, paintings and etchings
  • Elegant décor and interiors
  •  A heritage hotel called Lalgarh Palace Hotel that assures a royal stay
  • Lakshmi Niwas Palace ia another luxury hotel in the Lalgarh complex
  • A unique museum called the Shri Sadul Museum that also houses the world’s fourth largest private library
  • There is also a wing where the royal Bikaner family resides. Do check the stables there and you might enjoy some quality time with the tamed royal horses!

Quick Tips:

  • Volunteer guides are also available that take groups to explore the Palace and later ask for tips.
  • Photography is not allowed inside the museum.
  • Separate entry charges exist for the museum.
  • The food at the hotel’s restaurant is expensive but worth a try.

Location: Bikaner, Rajasthan

Visiting Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Entry fee: Rs 10 (Indians), Rs. 20 (Foreigners)

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