Lalgarh Palace

The Lalgarh Palace is one of the most exquisite masterpiece constructed in the latter half of the 19th Century. An oasis amidst the endless drudgery of the Thar desert, the Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner is a treat for the eyes. Made out of red sand stone, the Lalgarh palace has red hue and thus the name 'Lalgarh'.

Built in the year 1902, this palace was constructed by Maharaja Ganga Singh in memory of his father Maharaja Lal Singh. This architectural splendor reflecting a fusion of Rajput, Mughal and British architecture was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob. The most striking feature of the Lalgarh Palace is the intricate lattice work and filigree work that gives an ornate character to the palace.

The Lalgarh Palace is the treasury house of some of the most antique hunting trophies and paintings which have been very well maintained. The library of the Lalgarh palace is a spectacle by itself and it houses the greatest collection of original Sanskrit manuscripts which had been written on parchments, silver, copper and gold plaques. The lush lawns bordered with bougainvillea trees are a treat for the eyes. Each of the rooms in the Lalgarh palace is airy and has open windows. These characteristics of the palace reflects the passive Western influence.

However, the Lalgarh palace has now been transformed into a heritage hotel. The Lalgarh palace Heritage Hotel is now one of the best hotels in Rajasthan, if not in India. It offers world class facilities and is known for the luxurious treatment it offers.

Last Updated on : August 02, 2013