Five Most Interesting Romantic Getaways in India

Five Most Interesting Romantic Getaways in India
Five Most Interesting Romantic Getaways in India

5 Most Romantic Getaways in India

Romance as we know is the prime essence of every love story! It creates magic between lovers and this magical force keeps them close all through their lives! As much as it is good to be understanding about each other’s personal space, it is equally important to spend some alone time together, far away from the rest of the world! Every second of the quality time spent together weaves a stronger web of love which eventually strengthens the hearty-connect. Whether you are newly-weds or long past lovers or even an aged couple, a vacation together is absolutely a must for all!

India is a country of plentiful exquisite locations that make for some of the most romantic getaways one could ever think of. All you need to do is to choose a preferable location and then simply watch the magical aura doing wonders for you! To make it more convenient, today I will tell you about some of the most interesting romantic getaways that you could choose from to rekindle that spark in your relationship. Here I Begin:

1. Agra

Imagine waking up to the stupendous view of the Taj every morning! This epitome of love will not only fill your hearts with love but will also strengthen your beliefs about true love. Visiting this enchanting monument with the love of your life is the perfect idea of a romantic getaway! The feeling of love reflected by Taj Mahal captivates every heart that witnesses its divine beauty!

2. Kerala

Serene and refreshing, the state of Kerala is a resplendent destination for love! A stay in the houseboats on the silent backwaters of the Allepey fringed with lush greenery makes for a divinely memorable experience. What better than spending some alone time with your partner floating on the water in the houseboats?

3. Ladakh

Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital etc are the choices of the past, its time to opt for something totally different now! If mountains are what you want see, why not see them in their fullest beauty? Ladakh is the most picturesque destination one can ever be at. The amazingly scenic landscapes of this place will make you fall in love all over again!

4. Udaipur

Every girl dreams of a marrying a price who would embellish her with all the royalties of the world! Visiting this lavishly beautiful city of lakes can fulfil this dream to some extent. Udaipur offers a good range of luxurious palaces and heritage hotels with hospitalities that will make you feel like the king and the queen! Love makes you feel special; so does this spectacular city!

5. Havelock Island

Elope with your partner to an isolated island where the two of you get to spend some of the most special moments of your life! And for that, nothing could beat the pristine aura of this island of Andaman. Beach-side romance has an all-together different feeling that stays as a memory throughout the life! Cherish each and every moment at this heavenly delight amidst the glistening silver sand and turquoise blue water of the sea!

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