India’s Most Popular Bridges

India’s Most Popular Bridges

Most Famous Bridges in India

India’s growth as a potential super-power has been a word of mouth across the globe. As one of the fastest growing nations, India has left no stone unturned in developing each and every sector of possible growth. Infrastructure is one of the key factors in India’s evolution as an economic power. A spell-binding growth in this sector has not only raised the standard of living of its citizens, but has also given India a chance to showcase its engineering marvels.

If you carefully look at some of the most marvelous buildings, flyovers, ramps and bridges in India, you would realise that these are not only some giant structures but are actually viable exemplars of dexterous engineering skills! India has an exemplary range of bridges that are no less than gigantic wonders. So today, I thought of writing about some of the exceptional bridges which have brought glory to the nation:

  1. Bandra-Worli Link: Spreading across a length of 5,600 metres, this bridge took almost ten years to complete. This iconic bridge connects the western suburbs of Mumbai to the central and southern Mumbai.
  2. Mahatma Gandhi Setu: Running over the river Ganges, this bridge links Patna to Hajipur in north Bihar. It was the longest bridge running over the river until the construction of the Bandra-Worli link.
  3. Howrah Bridge: This one needs no introduction; the Howrah Bridge connects Kolkata to Howrah. Sprawling across the Hooghly River, the bridge has been renamed as Rabindra Setu.
  4. Brahmputra Bridge: Running across 3,015 metres in length, this is the first rail-cum-road bridge of India. It connects the north-eastern states with the rest of the country.
  5. New Yamuna Bridge: This is a recent construction and a spectacular one too. It connects the city of Allahabad with Naini. It is, perhaps, the longest cable-stayed bridge of India.


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