Haunted Places in Mumbai – Probably the Biggest Adventures of Your Life

1. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Okay, this park has the real-life version of our eternal ‘Noorie’. Remember that lady always in white wandering alone in the night? Well, her more dramatic version is here. This Noorie asks for a lift from the drivers and if they don’t stop, she chases them like a mad predator. And, we don’t know what happens to those who give in to the pity of helping the poor girl alone at night and agree to give her a ride. Probably, they haven’t lived to tell the story. There are, however, still people who stay in the park in huts despite all that. They just don’t go out after the sun goes down. Probe a little and guards will tell you stories of their own encounter with the ghost lady. At night, they also move to the park’s less dense parts. Whatever that is, people in general here are more scared of meeting the female phantom than the leopard attacks.