Haunted Places in Mumbai – Probably the Biggest Adventures of Your Life

7. Santa Cruz West

Santa Cruz West

Santa Cruz West is one of the most frequented localities in Mumbai but that still doesn’t discourage the creatures from the other world to torment people. Here’s another case of suicide. As far as the story goes, there was a woman on the second floor of the building who took her life after a big tiff with her husband. Soon after her departure from this world, a black dog appeared in the corridor of the floor and has been staying there since. And, that’s not the end of it. The dog occasionally howls ominously and residents believe it is only when her spirit is around. In fact, people are so scared that they don’t even say her name. All the gossip of the freakish experiences is done by referring to her as ‘second floor ki bhabhiji’! That’s definitely some bhabhiji who people will never want a home!