Katra Mosque Murshidabad

70 feet tall minarets in Katra Masjid, Murshidabad

Built between 1723 and 1724, Katra Masjid is one of the most popular mosques in east India. It is located in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The mosque was build as a centre of Islamic learning by Murshid Quli Khan and also houses his tomb. It is believed that Murad Farash Khan, an architect and trusted follower of Murshid Quli Khan was asked to construct this mosque. Envious of Hindus, he destroyed the temples and completed the construction of Katra Masjid.

Well maintained by Archaeological Survey of India, Katra Mosque has an impressive structure. Huge gates, courtyards and walls offer interesting photogenic views. Huge domes and two 70 feet tall minarets (the other two were partly demolished in the earthquake of 1897) are intricately designed. Winding staircase leads to the top of the minaret and one can see a major part of the city of Murshidabad from the top. These also have loopholes for musketry against danger. There are Persian inscriptions on its walls in praise of the Prophet Muhammad and reveals the date of construction.

Visit the mosque for its historic connections and great appeal!

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