Places to Visit in West Bengal

The West Bengal Attractions offers the visitor with a wonderful opportunity to explore the various places of tourist interest of the state. West Bengal is blessed with an immense tourism potential. Being an important state of India, West Bengal is thronged by numerous tourists all over the year who are absolutely thrilled by the wide gamut of tourist attractions.

Ranging from the numerous state museums to the unique art galleries, and from the educational and entertainment centers to the engineering marvels, the West Bengal Attractions provides the tourists to choose from a plethora of important tourist places. The tourist attractions of West Bengal reflects the rich cultural heritage and traditional legacy of the state that has triggered down to the modern era.

Upholding the traditional heritage, the museums of West Bengal bears relics to the rich historical past of the state. One can experience the lost glory and grandeur of West Bengal in the museums which are the store house of antique pieces, sculptures and tokens of the past.

The art galleries display the rich artistic skills and imaginative creativity of the people of West Bengal. The long corridors of the art galleries ponder on the intellectual advancement of the artist who express their inner most feelings through the art works.

West Bengal is blessed with many parks and gardens that perform the dual function of educating and entertaining the visitors. The splendid white monument of the Victoria Memorial reminds one of the British era in our country and enriches us with the knowledge of history, the attractive gardens provides one relief from the hustle bustle of the city life. The Science City provides the visitors with an opportunity to amass knowledge about the various scientific activities while relieving us from the stress of our daily life.

The bridges which connect one part of the city to another are a perfect example of the engineering skills of West Bengal. West Bengal has many bridges that are one of their kinds in all over India.

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Places To See in West Bengal

Nivedita Setu

A marvelous addition to the attractions of West Bengal, Nibedita Setu is located over the Hooghly River. Measuring a total of six kilometer, the Setu aims at connecting Kolkata and National Highways no. 34 and 35 with other adjoining states of India. The Setu is also called as Nivedita Bridge.

Sponsored by some of the reputed organizations of foreign and Indian origin, Nibedita Setu was primarily constructed as a toll bridge. Presently, Nivedita Bridge helps in easing out the high traffic pressures in the state of West Bengal, especially during the rush hours. More Detail...

Race Course

Adding lush green splendor to the charisma of West Bengal, Race Course stands tall on the north-west corner of Kolkata maidan. Designed and implemented by Royal Turf club of Bengal, Race Course flaunts an age-old heritage which dates back to 1820. From November to February, Races are organized in the place. In the first week of March also Race events take place in the area.

Among many other prestigious Racing occasions, Queen Elizabeth Cup and Derby Cup are considered as some of the highly esteemed events which attract maximum number of visitors from all over India.

During the colonial rule, West Bengal was a prime region where British rulers used to spend a considerable part of their life. In those days, various types of Races were counted as an important medium of recreation. In order to recreate a feel of old English Racing grounds, the viceroys and other British dignitaries decided to form a Race Course in Kolkata. The Royal Turf Club contributed immensely towards making a full-fledged Racing arena in West Bengal.

Victoria Memorial

The undisputed monarch of the architectural edifices and tourist attractions that Kolkata abounds is undoubtedly the stately Victoria Memorial. Resplendent in pristine white, the building, built towards the end of the British Raj's tenure in India, highlights architectural splendor at its zenith.

The proposal for the building and the classical architecture style was Lord Curzon's brainchild but the mastermind architect Sir William Emerson was responsible for the blueprint of the basic design and layout. The building represents the ornate English architecture with a slight Indian tinge that was very common in the buildings of London in those days. The architect's creative genius was inspired by the layout of the Belfast City Hall. More Detail...

Bangiya Sahitya Parishad

The Bangiya Sahitya Parishad Chitrasala of West Bengal bears relics to the rich cultural legacy and traditional heritage of Bengal. A store house of the rare and unique antiquities of the bygone golden days, the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad Chitrasala was founded in the year of 1910.

One of the major place of tourist attractions of Kolkata, the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad Chitrasala enlightens the visitors with a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the cultural and traditional advancement of Bengal of the ancient times.

Located in the Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road of Kolkata in West Bengal, the Bangiya Sahitya Parishad Chitrasala has a large reserve of the various artifacts , stone and metal statues, gold and silver coins, and art and craft work that throws light on the rich historical past of Bengal.

The Bangiya Sahitya Parishad Chitrasala offers the tourists with a wonderful opportunity to explore the cultural civilization of the region. Supported by eminent scholars and intellectuals, the Bangiya Sahitya Chitrasala is an important cultural and intellectual hub of the city of Kolkata. It provides the important personalities of the state to exchange and express their views on various issues regarding the welfare of the state.

Shahid Minar

West Bengal is opulent in its potpourri of cultural delights. The state is also a popular tourism hub whose capital Kolkata, the City of Joy is noted for its enchanting platter of offerings. Shahid Minar, a historic monument overlooking the lush backdrop of the Kolkata Maidan is a talking point of the city's attractions.

Shahid Minar was constructed in the year 1848 under the generous patronage of Sir David Ochterlony to mark his triumph in the Nepal War that commenced between 1814 to1816. Post Independence this edifice was renamed Shahid Minar or Martyr's Column to honor the sacrifice of all those who readily gave up their lives in the altar of freedom. More Detail...

Chitrakoot Art Gallery

West Bengal, the cultural hot seat of India is noted for its history and traditional legacy. The state is an established center of art and culture. The state's capital, Kolkata, better known as the City of Joy houses the Chitrakoot Art Gallery. The gallery displays some of the country's finest artworks that exhibit the creative genius of the talented young artists.

Art is possibly one of the oldest forms of creativity and expression. People from all spheres of life are aficionados of art in some form or the other. It is said laughter is the best medicine, but the arts, which spiritually uplift people's heart and soul, are a close competitor.

Amidst the busy streets, the chaotic hustle and bustle and the cacophony of traffic in the streets of Kolkata, the Chitrakoot Art Gallery peacefully rests in a quiet corner. The gallery is at odds with the raucous portrait of its surroundings and provides a much-needed relief. Dr Prakash Kejriwal and Mrs Sumitra Kejriwal set up the gallery in the year 1984 with the sole aim of providing a platform for the talented contemporary artists of West Bengal to showcase their works.

The Asiatic Society of Bengal

Located in the Park Street area of Kolkata, The Asiatic Society of Bengal is an important educational and intellectual hub of West Bengal. One of the significant landmark of West Bengal, The Asiatic Society of Bengal draws several scholars and intellectuals across the continent.

The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded in 1784 by Sir William Jones who led to the initiation of study of the Asian society and culture from the Oriental point of view. One of the premier research institute of India, The Asiatic Society of Bengal, encourages the research scholars to undertake extensive and thorough research work on the various facets of the Asian society.

The Asiatic Society of Bengal is equipped with a well stocked library that has a large reserve of books, journals and magazines that helps one to gain a comprehensive knowledge about the rich history and tradition of the societies of Asia. The library of the research institute is a store house of large collection of books of every language from 1784 onwards which is blessed with many uncommon manuscripts of the ancient times that throws light on the glorious past of the Asian societies.

Established in 1820, the Agri Horticultural Society of India, of West Bengal helps to boost up the agricultural productivity of the region. The Agri Horticultural Society of India brought about a revolutionary change in the agricultural scenario of the country. The Agri Horticultural Society was the brain child of Rev. Dr. William Carey who gave a new direction to the growth of the agricultural and horticultural productivity of West Bengal.

The Agri Horticultural Society of India believes in applying scientific and technical methods in the cultivation of fine quality agricultural and horticultural products. Located in south Kolkata of West Bengal, the Agri Horticultural Society of India is blessed with luxuriant gardens and parks. Far from the hustle bustle of the city, the calm and pleasant surrounding of the place provides relieve to the citizens of Kolkata from the stress and strains of daily life.

One gets to experience the variety of trees and plants in the Agri Horticultural Society of India. The main aim of the Agri Horticultural Society of India in West Bengal is to create an awareness for the need of an environmental friendly and pollution free city. The Agri Horticultural Society of India is blessed with an excellent research center that allows many modern agriculturists to carry out numerous experiments that would help in the better production of agricultural and horticultural goods.

Genesis Art Gallery

West Bengal, the gateway to eastern India offers a diverse platter of cultural potpourri. The state's capital Kolkata is a renowned center of cultural excellence and houses several art galleries. Genesis Art Gallery is the city's attempt to augment people's awareness to issues concerning aesthetics and ergonomics.

Kolkata has witnessed the life and times of several luminaries of the art world. The City of Joy was also the city of creative geniuses like Satyajit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore and Jamini Roy. The city encourages artistic activity and nurtures the promising young talents since the citizens consider fine arts as a highly refined and almost sacred form of cultural entertainment.

Located amidst the busy streets of Park Street, Genesis Art Gallery is noted for the masterpieces showcased within its four walls. The gallery is a popular haunt for the connoisseurs and patrons of fine arts.

Gallerie La Mere

West Bengal, the epicenter of Bengali culture is opulent in cultural extravaganzas. There are art galleries in nearly ever corner of the posh localities and hosts exhibitions that showcase the works of the talented young artists. Galleria La Mere is one such art gallery that promotes promising young artists.

Galerie La Mere is christened after the revered Mother and is an initiative of Sri Aurobino Institute of Culture to endorse creativity. The institute opened its doors with the objective of commemorating the life and times of the Divine Artist.

Galerie La Mere is housed with the sanctum of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture - Lakshmi's House. The building is a popular hangout of Kolkata's art circles. Connoisseurs and patrons of fine arts can always be found blissfully browsing through the galleries and corridors of the building.

Galerie La Mere exudes an overwhelming aura of sanctity and creativity. Researchers, art scholars, writers and budding painters can be found milling about the premises in order to see, learn and gather inspiration. The gallery's library is endowed with a plethora of books on the history and the different forms of art.

Arts acre

West Bengal is noted for its cultural extravaganza and age-old history. The state has also witnessed the life and times of the some of the greatest luminaries from the world of art and culture. Arts Acre is an established art gallery in Kolkata that provides a platform to the promising young artists.

Art is a form of expression and creativity. In India, the origin of art can be traced back to the historic days when the ancient people painted the walls of caves in vibrant hues with figurines of humans, animals as well as dainty floral motifs. Folk art too was practiced in the bucolic hamlets and it gradually emerged as a highly popular form of art. It is hardly surprising to see colorful wall hangings with Rajasthani paintings and Madhubani works adorning the walls of the city's chic households in posh localities.

Arts Acre studio attempts to promote art and cultivate the finer senses of the general masses. The gallery specializes in ceramic work and also houses beautiful paintings done by talented artists in watercolor, acrylic, oil, canvas, paperwork, mixed media, and other mediums. A unique feature of the gallery is that it keeps in mind the economic capacities of art lovers and thus the paintings are reasonably priced.

CIMA Gallery

West Bengal, the cultural hot seat of India is a popular tourist destination. The aesthetically inclined tourists need not be disappointed since the city is teeming with art galleries and studios. The Center of International Modern Art, CIMA gallery opened its doors in 1993 and is one of the city's premier studios.

Spandan Art Gallery is one of the many art galleries that are mushrooming in the city's chic Park Street and is a coveted haunted of patrons of fine arts and the city slicker socialites. The spacious gallery sprawls across a generous expanse and has an elegant modern decor. The gallery's cozy interiors and rich collection of masterpieces ensure that visitors spent long and quiet hours strolling down the elongated corridors of the tranquil premises of the world of art.

Howrah Bridge

Standing with elegance with an incredible overview of River Hooghly, Howrah Bridge ranks high on the list of West Bengal's attractions. Maintained by the Kolkata Port Trust, Howrah Bridge, also referred as Rabindra Setu, is a world-famous cantilever which was built with a total steel quantity 26, 500 tones.

The engineering magnificence of Howrah Bridge has received accolades from all constructional zones of India and abroad. While the central towers of the Bridge boast of a height of 280 feet, space between the centers of these towers is a record 1500 feet. More Detail...

Asutosh Museum of Indian Art

The Asutosh Museum of Indian Art is miniature reflection of India's ancient heritage. The museum has a rare collection of the various antiquities of the bygone golden era. Located in the Centenary Building of the University of Calcutta, in north Kolkata of West Bengal, the Ashutosh Museum of Indian Art derived its name from the great visionary, Sri Asutosh Mookherjee.

The Asutosh Museum of Indian Art serves the dual purpose of displaying the rich heritage of Bengal and imparting quality education to the students of Museology under the University of Calcutta. One of the ancient museums of India, the Asutosh Museum of Indian Art came into prominence in the year 1937. The Museum aims at displaying the various art and craft work of the ancient times of the eastern India and Bengal.

The Asutosh Museum of Indian Arts in West Bengal has a large reserve of antique pieces and art murals that are kept for public show. The various items of the bygone days enlightens the visitors with the civilization of Bengal.

Science City

West Bengal, the gateway to the east is noted for its cultural extravaganza, academic excellence and tourism potential. In order to inculcate a scientific temperament among the general masses the state's capital, Kolkata has come up its very own Science City.

Science City sprawls across a generous expanse and is strategically located at the junction of Eastern Metropolitan Bypass with Park Circus. West Bengal has a longstanding saga of tragic suffering. However post Independence the state has come a long way. Kolkata, its capital is now the proud owner of quality infrastructure and is utilizing it fully for the overall development of the state. More Detail...

Fort William Kolkata

West Bengal, an epicenter of the Bengali culture, is an eminent tourist destination. The state is also replete with some remarkable architectural edifices of the likes of Fort William and Victoria Memorial. Fort William is a rather impressive testimony of the British Raj's military acumen.

It is interesting to note that the state is the proud owner of two Fort William's, which served as a stronghold of the Indian army in East India. The imposing edifice was built under the able supervision of mastermind architects Sir Charles Eyre and John Beard.
More Detail...

Academy of Fine Arts

The Academy of Fine Arts reflects the rich artistic skill and creative imagination of the people of West Bengal. Representing the artistic fervor of the state, The Academy of Fine Arts displays the intellectual caliber of the artists who express their inner most feeling through the beautiful paintings.

One can experience the cultural heritage and traditional legacy of West Bengal in the corridors of The Academy of Fine Arts that displays numerous paintings of the middle and modern era. The Academy of Fine Arts is adorned with the paintings of some of the famous painters of the bygone days. More Detail...

Birla Planetarium

One of the important landmark of Kolkata, the Birla Planetarium of West Bengal attracts many tourists all through the year. Founded by the educational trust of the Birla group of companies in 1962, the Birla Planetarium of West Bengal boasts to be one of the biggest astronomical observatories of the world.

The Birla Planetarium offers the visitors with an excellent opportunity to explore the cosmos and its activities. More Detail...

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