Mirror Work Embroidery of Gujarat

Mirror work Embroidery Gujarat
Mirror-work Embroidery - Intricate motifs of needlework and sparkling mirrors

Gujarat, a state known for its vibrant art and rich culture, has a long-standing tradition of exquisite craftsmanship. One art form that exemplifies this creativity is the mirror work, also known as ‘Abhala Bharat’ or ‘Shisha’ embroidery.

In the hands of the skilled peasant women of Gujarat, a needle becomes their pen, allowing them to express their creativity and profound connection to religion and nature. The mirror work technique has thrived, evolved, and adorned the land of Gujarat over the years. As one moves across different regions, the embroidery’s shades may vary, but the constant element remains the shimmering mirrors, the essence of Shisha.

The beauty of mirror work lies in the intricate stitching that holds these special mirrors, which come in various forms like hand-cut antique mirrors, machine-cut embroidery glass, and flat sequin mirrors, onto the fabric. The choice of a darker base fabric enhances the exquisiteness of the final embellished piece.

No trip to Gujarat would be complete without indulging in shopping, and the local markets offer a delightful array of handicrafts. From captivating wall hangings, bedspreads, and Torans (doorway decorations believed to bring good luck) for home décor, to elegantly adorned apparels and accessories like odhnies (shawls), gaghras (skirts), cholis (bodices), and bags – the choices are abundant. Purchasing any of these items, adorned with intricate needlework and sparkling mirrors, would undoubtedly be a treasured decision.

Mirror work truly reigns supreme in Gujarat’s world of handicrafts, showcasing the timeless and splendid artistry that reflects the state’s vibrant spirit.

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