Qila Mubarak and Hazi Rattan Gurudwara and Mosque, Bathinda

People praying at a Gurudwara

As I came to Bathinda, I looked for places to see and found very interesting places like the Qila Mubarak, where Razia Sultan, first female sultan of Delhi, was kept as a prisoner. Now, this fort is famous for its two historic gurudwaras built inside it. I cycled to both the places, going through narrow streets, and reached the fort first, locally known as Qila Mubarak. It looked like less of a fort to me but for the high fortification walls. People were moving in and out of the fort, visiting the gurudwaras.

Qila Mubarak
Entrance to Qila Mubarak
Qila Mubarak
Inside the Qila Mubarak fort

As I went inside, I saw a huge open square area inside with gardens. It looked as if these two gurudwaras are well protected by thick mud walls of the fort. This fort has lost its actual charmĀ  due to the restoration work done on the walls.

At a Gurudwara inside the fort
At a gurudwara inside the fort
Cannons in Qila Mubarak Fort
Cannons kept inside the fort

One can get a very good view of the Bathinda city from one of the gurudwara, as it is on an elevated area inside the fort. People sit inside the fort in gardens, as this fort has no closing timings due to the religious places inside.

Qila Mubarak Fort

I also read about the Hazi Rattan Gurudwara and Mosque. A very unique thing about these two places is that they share the same wall as a boundary, yet they have always been known to live in peace and harmony with each other. You can see the dome of the Gurudwara and minaret of the mosque in the photo below. They do their daily prayers on loudspeakers. A temple is also nearby.

Hazi Rattan Gurudwara and Dargah
Hazi Rattan Gurudwara and Dargah
Hazi Rattan Gurdwara, Bhathinda
Sunset at Hazi Rattan Gurdwara

There are various other places to see as well, like the thermal power plant which I saw from the Qila Mubarak fort, and the lake beside the thermal power plant, where people go for boating on weekends.

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