Day 19 – Panaji, Goa to Kankavali, Maharashtra (Kanyakumari to Leh Cycling)

The place I was waiting to arrive at for so long, Panaji, now it had to be left and today I entered Maharashtra. The highways seemed way too long today and I already knew that till Mumbai, I would not come through any place which will interest me. I am just waiting to reach Mumbai now from where Phase 2 of my cycling journey will start, this is what I would like to call it. I was feeling bit lonely today, again, while cycling. It might be due to moving on from Panaji after 3 days but I know everything will be fine as time passes by and I will get on track again like before.

And the road never ends...
And the road never ends…

I am now into “Pav” state and Idli, Vada, Sambhar is now behind. It makes me really happy that how far I have reached and experienced things I never imagined. I decided my today’s pit-stop i.e. Kankavali while having pav & samosa at a small stall beside highway just when I was about to enter Maharashtra. Police again inquired me at the border and here, I had to show my ID proof after which they let me through.

Kokan drink time
Kokan drink time

When I reached Kankavali, a man standing at roadside stopped me and started asking me about my journey because he already got the idea seeing me that I am on a long journey. Later this guy wouldn’t stop handshaking with me. I searched for a lodge in this small town and got a room that has hospital bed in it, at least it looks to me like that, iron bed with white bed sheet on it. Today I cycled for 111 kilometers and tomorrow’s pit-stop is yet to be planned as I do not want to go with my earlier plans which includes no good places and I want to reach Mumbai soon after which the fun begins again.