Nagpur Municipal Corporation

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation is one of the most important segments of the administration of the city in Maharashtra. The municipal corporation of Nagpur is well known across the city for three important aspects; these are transparency, responsibility and honesty.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation takes a key role in executing the actions that are associated with the administration of Nagpur, which is often referred to as the second capital of the state of Maharashtra in the subcontinent of India.

The post of the municipal commissioner is held by Sanjay Sethi. The municipal corporation at Nagpur offers quite a few services to the fellow citizens. The commissioner ensures that the citizens of Nagpur will get quality services related to the various administrative departments.

These include the registration of the birth and death of the people who reside at this place and services associated with the licenses of trade. The corporation also books various kinds of complaints of the citizens to take care that they do not have any grievance against the system of administration of the city.

The post of the additional municipal commissioner is held by Atul Patne. The most important aspect of the municipal corporation in Nagpur is the systematized way in which it entertains the feedback of the people towards the corporation.

The post of the mayor is held by Mayatai Iwanate. The Mayor is the head of the corporation, who is assisted by the municipal commissioner and the additional municipal commissioner.

All the people who are actively involved with the municipal corporation at Nagpur take care that Nagpur does not lag behind the other cities of Maharashtra in terms of administrative expertise.

Last Updated on 9/26/2011