Nagpur Real Estates

Nagpur real estates form a very important part of the industrial sector of the city. A great deal of interest is being shown by the investors in the field of real estates in Nagpur. This is owing to the fact that the city is growing day by day as one of the leading contributors in the commercial success of the subcontinent of India.

There are quite a few agencies that provide real estate services in Nagpur. Some of the major real estate agencies of the city are the:

  • Gigeo Real Estate
  • The Raj Green Land Consultancy and
  • The Trans Techno Construction Private Limited.

All these real estate agencies provide national-level services to the fellow citizens.

There are a couple of housing companies in the city, which provide services related to only building and construction. If you want to have a house or a flat of your own in the commercial city of Nagpur, then you can avail the services provided by the building companies of the city.

A few well-acclaimed building companies of Nagpur are the Pioneer Infrastructure Company Private Limited, the Bharadwaj Builders and Developers Private Limited and the Aren Builders and Promoters.

The services offered by the companies associated with Nagpur real estates include the selling of one's own land property, the buying of a new as well as an old piece of land, giving a piece of land on lease and taking a piece of land on lease. Other than land property, a residential flat, a residential house or a building meant for business purpose also come within the purview of the real estate of Nagpur.

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Last Updated on 9/26/2011