Nagpur Business and Economy

With the advent of modern times, Nagpur business and economy experienced an entirely new resurgence. This was entirely due to a remarkable increase in the amount of different sort of commodities that were traded. Since time immemorial, the city of Nagpur had served to be the major center of activity concerning trade and commerce in the Vidarbha area. But, the growth of Nagpur business and economy suffered a minor setback, compared to technologically sound cities like Mumbai and Pune, when the domain of Vidarbha was merged into Maharashtra.

But, times have changed and the Government has decided to invest a mammoth amount of approximately 5000 crores in order to build the business infrastructure of the city. This amount was sanctioned in the year 2004. Currently, the Butibori industrial area forms a major portion of the economic backbone of Nagpur. In terms of area, the Butibori industrial area is also the biggest in the whole of Asia. The major product of this region is synthetic polyester yarn.

The other companies that form an integral part of the business and economy of Nagpur are Hyundai Unitech, KEC, ACC Nijon Casting Limited. Other companies who have contributed significantly in the evolution of business and economy in Nagpur are Videocon washing machine plants, textile units of esteemed companies.

Another important boost provided to the business and economy at Nagpur is by the industries that are located on the western fringe of the city. These industries include the following:-

The Hingna Industrial Estate that consists of a staggering 900 medium and small plants including juggernauts like NECO Limited Casting units, Mahindra and Mahindra , Bajaj Auto Group, Ajanta Toothbrushes, Candido, Vicco Laboratories and many Units of International Combustion.

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Last Updated on 9/26/2011