Nagpur Real Estate Agents

There are a number of Nagpur real estate agents, which provide all the services associated with the field of real estate. Some information about the real estate agents in Nagpur is given below.

A very well known name in the market of real estate agents at Nagpur is the Raj Green Land Consultancy. The people associated with this company provide reliable and detailed information on all kinds of queries related to the business of real estate.

The office of the Raj Green Land Consultancy is located in the Pariwar Apartments in the Corporation Colony. The Corporation Colony is situated on the road called the North Ambazari Road. You can dial the number 91-712-2231448 to get in touch with the real estate agents of the Raj Green Land Consultancy.

The Trans Techno Construction Private Limited is one of the major agencies of real estate of Nagpur. The office of the Gigeo Real Estate is housed in the building called the Acharaj Tower. This building is situated at Chaoni in Sadar. This agency provides good-quality real estate services at affordable charges. If you are interested to buy or sell any property or take any property on lease, then you can talk to the people who manage this real estate company of Nagpur. The contact number of this agency is 91-712-2594897.

The basic services provided by the Nagpur real estate agents pertain to buying and selling or any other kind of action related to all kinds of real estate property in the city of Nagpur in Maharashtra.

Last Updated on 9/26/2011