Public Transports of Nagpur

Public transports of Nagpur are the cheapest mode of traveling across the Nagpur city. The public transports are generally the ones which are run by the state government. These transports charge you very low comparatively to the ones operated by the private agencies.

Generally the public transports in Nagpur comprises of the buses which are operated by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation. Since the number of buses that run across the district is very small in number, the government is trying to increase it as people face lots of problem in traveling and have to depend on other non reliable modes of transport.

Auto rickshaws are also an important part of public transports at Nagpur. Earlier, there used to be six seater auto rickshaws but after the restriction laid on its usage by the High Court, only three seater auto rickshaws ply on the roads of Nagpur. After bus, it is these auto rickshaws which are the most important modes of public transport in Nagpur even though they are little expensive.

Another public transport at Nagpur which can be ranked third among all is the cabs or taxis that run on the streets of Nagpur. Though these are also less in number, you can find the majority of them standing outside airports and railways.

Another fact about the public transports of Nagpur is that people prefer auto rickshaws to bus service even though they are expensive because of the high frequency of the former. You can easily avail an auto rickshaw from any corner of Nagpur.

Last Updated on 6 September 2011