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Porbandar Industry

The sector of Porbandar industry has shown a remarkable improvement over the past few years. The government is encouraging setting up of industries in the region and as a result this sector has grown in a big way. The fishing industry is the major industry in the city, providing job opportunities for the majority of the population. The other industries present in Porbandar are garment, chemical and aluminum industry to name a few.

Porbandar Industry is basically dependent on the fisheries since it is a port and also carries on trade with the foreign countries through the sea route. Porbandar in the ancient times used to trade with Arabia and Persia via the sea and still continues to do so. The foundation of the cement factory and the chemical factory were laid during that time itself. Therefore, the city could boast of having a sound base of cement and chemical factories in India. The industrial set up is looked after by the Porbandar Chamber of Commerce and Trade.

The mineral industry is also a developed one in the city. There are aluminum manufacturing industries in Porbandar. The leading business house in this section is the Orient Abrasive Limited, which produces a substantial amount of fused alumina rough grains for various uses. The Bauxite industry in Porbandar is a developed industry as well. The same company produces lot of bauxite products.

However, the most developed industry in Porbandar is the fishing industry since it is near to the sea. The fish industry amounts to around Rs150 crores. The fishermen have over the years developed this industry, which is the source of income for the people of Porbandar. For this purpose the fishermen use the beaches and the port area to dry and process the fish before they are actually able to take them to the market. The fish is also exported to the foreign countries and this helps them earn a bit of foreign exchange.

Apart from these, other industries like the garment and the handicrafts industry also provides employment to people. The handicrafts industry in Porbandar though is yet to develop as a full-fledged one. The beautiful and colorful handicraft artifacts are famous all round the world.

Therefore, it could be said Porbandar is among the developing cities of India, which has improved its infrastructure and is supporting the growth of industries in the city.

Last Updated on 19th January 2013