Porbandar Economy

The backbone of Porbandar Economy is the fishing industry since the city is a port. However, other forms of industries have also developed in the region, which provide employment to the people of Porbandar. Tourism is also thriving in this city due to the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was born here.

Porbandar Economy is largely dependent on the fishing industry. As the name suggests it is a port and its proximity with the Arabian Sea is advantageous. Porbandar carries on its trade and commerce through the sea routes as well as via road.

The export and import of fish seems to be the major business of the people residing in Porbandar. The largest fish exporting company in Gujarat is known as Silver Seafood, which earns a huge amount of revenue by exporting large quantities of fish. It is also the vocation which employs a greater part of the population.

Apart from the fishing industry in Porbandar there exists other industries like the cotton garment manufacturing industry, mineral producing industry and the fertilizers and petrochemical industries. Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation has recognized certain areas as the mega industrial areas with Porbandar falling in one of them.

Porbandar is fast developing into a modern city by adopting the trade policies regarding the software business. The city is going through an all round development in the spheres of petrochemicals, garments, software, telecommunications, machine tools and many other industries.

Tourism is another huge contributor towards the economy of Porbandar. This city is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. As a result thousands of people visit the city every year to witness the early life of this great leader. Porbandar is also thronged by people during the festivals when the entire city is dressed up in bright colors. These festivals are an important source of revenue for the city of Porbandar.

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Last Updated on 19th January 2013



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