People and Culture of Porbandar

Porbandar, the historical port city of India, is famous for many reasons but the most important reason is that Mahatma Gandhi was born here. The people in Porbandar are warm and nice. They boast of a very rich cultural heritage and their festivals are a visual treat. Porbandar apart from Gandhiji has produced many famous politicians, dancers, theater personalities and literary persons.

Porbandar in Gujarat, India is famous all over the world as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation. People and culture of Porbandar makes the city even more special since it has adhered to its culture and traditions and has carried forward the legacy, which was bestowed upon it by people like Gandhi.

The city of Porbandar is a developed city and is an important port of Western India. The city has a rich cultural heritage and rich history. The population of Porbandar is around 133,083 and the literacy rate is quite high. The people in Porbandar are mostly engaged in fishing and speak Gujarati. A section of the population of Porbandar is artistically very sound. Their handiworks and architecture bear a mark of excellence. Some of the historical sites in Porbandar are regarded as the example of the king's patronage of art and architecture. In Porbandar stone is preferred to build structures more than wood.

Porbandar has produced many luminaries like Savitaben Nanji Kalidas, Gulabdas Broker, who has received the coveted Padmashree award for his contributions towards literature, Sri Nanjibhai Kalidas Mehta, Sri Narottam Morarji, Sri Manekbhai Bhatia and of course Sardar Vallabbhai Patel. People in Porbandar are very affable since they are non-violent people and welcome their guests with an open heart.

The culture of the Gujaratis is unique in nature. They have many colorful festivals throughout the year. The festivals of the Porbandar people display a riot of colors. Festivals like the Hollika and Navratri are very famous all across the country and people from all other states visit Porbandar during this festive season. For more information one might browse through the following pages:

Last Updated on 19th January 2013