Ghorpuri Lines, Pune

Ghorpuri Lines is located at a central position in Pune city. Ghorpuri Lines is a cosmopolitan area of Pune.

Ghorpuri Lines can be accessed by Ghorpur Road, which passes through Ghorpuri Lines. There are a number of roads which lead to Ghorpuri Lines. Prince Wales Road, Victoria Road and Alexander Road lead to Ghorpuri Lines. Ghorpuri Lines have a famous Garrison Church which was built during the days of the British Empire.

Ghorpuri Lines have a government colony. The government colony of Ghorpuri Lines is a landmark in the immediate vicinity. There is a circuit house at Ghorpuri Lines. A Tribal Research Institute is nearby. The office of the Commissioner of Police is situated in the vicinity. Ghorpur Road leads to the Ghorpur Railway Station.

Ghorpuri Lines finds mention in the chronicles of the British Empire. At that time, the prominent man- made structure was Ghorpuri Junction- a station on the tracks of the Great Indian Peninsula Railway. The Ghorpuri Junction was the meeting point of Chennai and South Maharashtra railway lines. The railway lines were broad gauge towards Mumbai.

Ghorpuri Lines is easily accessible from any place in Pune. If you wish to visit Ghorpuri Lines, then you have plenty of transport types to choose from. You have a choice of buses operated by both the government and the private operators.

The easiest (and most convenient) form of transport is the railways. Alight at Ghorpur Railway Station which is adjacent to Ghorpuri Lines.

The areas under Ghorpuri Lines include Mira Nagar and Koregaon Park.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013