Kothrud Pune

Kothrud is a suburb of Pune. If you wish to stay in Pune for a period of time, then Kothrud should be your port of call!

Kothrud is one of the fastest developing suburbs in Asia. The development of Kothrud is a relatively recent phenomenon. This rapid development is entirely due to the emergence of Pune as a regional industrial powerhouse. The real estate boom in the mid 1990's saw Kothrud emerging from just a pensioner's paradise to the pulsating locality it is today.

Kothrud is a township on Karve Road and Paud Road. The population of Kothrud shows all the unique characteristics of a thriving Indian town; the demographics are divided between the native Maharashtrians and the students who has come to Pune to study.

Kothrud can be effortlessly accessed from any other part of Pune city and its adjoining regions. There is a Kothrud bus stand and Kothrud bus depot. There are frequent public buses plying between Kothrud and Deccan Gymkhana plus Corporation. Connecting buses are available from Kothrud to Hadapsar and back.

Kothrud is well known for its educational institutions. Premier educational institutions like MIT, Cummins attract many students from all over India and also from other countries of the Indian subcontinent. These educational institutions also attract students from other Asian countries and Africa.

Kothrud has many cyber cafes. This is due to the large (and transient) student population in Pune. These students also provide a backbone to the region's economy. The presence of a substantial number of students has also given rise to the large number of STD/ISD booths in Kothrud.

Last Updated on 23 May 2013