Konark Dance Festival

Konark Dance Festival is celebrated in the month of December in the Sun Temple of Konark. Renowned classical dancers from all over India, get together to pay tribute at the Sun temple at Konark. The Dance Festival provides a platform to the dance connoisseurs, as well as the performing artists of India. It is an amazing classical extravaganza.

The Konark dance festival is organized by well-known Odissi guru Gangadhar Pradhan's Odisha (Orissa) Dance Academy in association with the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata at Konark Natya Mandap in Konark. The open-air auditorium of the Sun Temple is an architectural wonder. Each and every inch of the temple is adorned with beautiful sculpture.

Konark Dance Festival is a celebration of some of the major dance forms of India like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Chau Dance, etc. The Dance Festival is a tribute to the majestic Sun Temple of Konark. The Konark Dance Festival is an endeavor of the Odissi Research Centre and the Odisha (Orissa) Tourism.

The Dance Festival attracts thousands of tourists to Odisha. The Odisha Tourism and Odissi Research Centre make elaborate preparation for the festival. Many renowned artists from across the world also come to participate in the Dance Festival in Konark. A Crafts Mela is also set up during the festival. It serves a variety of delicious cuisines and showcases a variety of handicrafts. The Mela adds more fun to the dance festival.

Dance Festival of Konark is held amidst the picturesque setting of the 'Natamandir'. The whole auditorium seems to reverberate with the beats of the 'tala' during the dance performances. The first dance festival was organized in the year 1989, in order to promote tourism in Konark, Orissa. This dance festival is one of the major attractions of the place.

Last Updated on : 12/03/2012