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Beach Festival Puri

Beach Festival Puri is celebrated during the month of November. Beach Festival at Puri celebrates the artistic heritage of Puri.

Beach Festival of Puri offers a kaleidoscopic view of the cultural heritage of Orissa. Based on the Goa Festival, it is held for about 5 days on the sea beach of Puri. On this occasion, the beach of Puri hosts the cultural events and exhibits the folk culture of the territory. The Beach Festival showcases a wide array of cultural events, folk dances, rock concerts, food festivals, beach parties, handicrafts, etc.

Moreover, the Beach Festival Puri presents a rich blend of the folk culture and customs of Orissa. At the Beach Festival, one can witness the racial attitude of the people of Puri. During the festival, the tranquil beach of Puri comes alive. The Beach Festival of Puri enables the tourists to explore the cultural trait of Puri.

The Beach Festival of Puri is an endeavor of the Ministry of Tourism of Orissa. The authorities of Handicrafts and the Hotel and Restaurant Association also contribute to the Beach Festival of Puri. The Beach Festival in Puri is an enterprise to promote tourism and the cultural programs in Orissa.

One of the ideal times of visiting Orissa is during the time of this festival. Thousands of tourists are seen to visit Puri during this time of the year to be a part of this grand festival.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013