Nava Kalebara

Nava Kalebara of Puri is a festival that is celebrated once in every twelve to nineteen years. During the Nava Kalebara at Puri, the idols of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra are replaced by new idols.

Nava Kalebara in Puri is a festival that is associated with the Car festival of Puri. Nava Kalebara is a ritual on which Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra change their external form. On Nava Kalebara, the old idol of the deities is replaced with the new idol that is carved from the neem and chandan trees.

In order to make the idols, a number of rituals are observed. After the day of Nava Kalebara is fixed, the 'Gajapati Maharaj' issues a proclamation to the Brahmins, the Vidyapith and the Daitas to search for the tree which would provide logs for idols.

On the 10th day of the full moon of Chaitra, the proclamation by the 'Gajapati Maharaj' is issued. 'Mahapatras' receive the 'Agnya Mala' after the mid-day rituals. The 'Agnya Mala' is a garland that seems to be the token of permission. The 'Mahapatras' carry the 'Agnya Mala' to the 'Anabasara Pindi'. The idols are sculpted at the Jagannatha Math.

After the completion of the idols, they are painted with bright colors by the 'chitrakars'. These idols are circumbulated for three times and then brought to 'Anabasarapindi' where a number of rituals are performed to transfer 'Brahma' from the old deities to the new idols. After 'Brahma' placed in the new idols, the old deities are buried in the wells of Koili Baikuntha.

Last Updated on : 22/06/2013