Shimla Administrative Setup

The Shimla Administrative setup handles the entire gamut of municipal and civic affairs of the city. The Shimla administrative setup is regarded as one most well designed and handled administrative models in the Indian Republic.

The Shimla Administrative Setup is governed by the Collectorate. The top official of the Collectorate is the Deputy Commissioner (D.C) Shimla. The other members of the Collectorate include; The Assistant Deputy Commissioner (A.D.C) Shimla, Assistant District Magistrate (A.D.M) Protocol, A.D.M Law and Order, Assistant Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, P.O DRDA and District Revenue Officer. All the above mentioned officers directly report to the Deputy Commissioner dealing on their different subjects.

The Shimla Administrative Setup is segregated to a number of Subdivisions as to deliver effective governance. There are seven administrative divisions based on the number of districts. Each district has a Sub Divisional Magistrate (S.D.M) assigned to it. It is to be noted that Shimla is divided into urban and rural divisions. Thus the administrative setup is as follows:

  • S.D.M. Shimla (Urban)
  • S.D.M. Shimla (Rural)
  • S.D.M. Theog
  • S.D.M. Rampur
  • S.D.M. Rohru
  • S.D.M. Chopal
  • S.D.M. Dodra-Kwar
The Subdivisions are further divided into Blocks. There are nine Blocks in the Shimla Administrative Setup. There is a Block Divisional Officer (B.D.O) assigned to each block. The complete list includes:
  • B.D.O. Mashobra
  • B.D.O. Basantpur
  • B.D.O. Rampur
  • B.D.O. Narkanda
  • B.D.O. Chauhara
  • B.D.O. Jubbal
  • B.D.O. Theog
  • B.D.O. Rohru
  • B.D.O. Chopal
The Blocks are further categorized into Tehsils and Sub-Tehsils. The list of tehils and Sub Tehsils is as follows:
  • Tehsildar Shimla(Urban)
  • Tehsildar Shimla(Rural)
  • Tehsildar Sunni
  • Tehsildar Kumarsein
  • Tehsildar Jubbal
  • Tehsildar Rampur
  • Tehsildar Kotkhai
  • Tehsildar Jubbal
  • Tehsildar Chirgaon
  • Tehsildar Rohru
  • Tehsildar Chopal
  • Tehsildar Dodra-Kwar
  • Naib-Tehsildar Tikkar
  • Naib-Tehsildar Nankhari
  • Naib-Tehsildar Nerwa
  • Naib-Tehsildar Kupwi
  • Naib-Tehsildar Junga
Last Updated on 26 August 2010