Languages in Surat

Languages in Surat presents a nice blend of various vernaculars that have evolved in the place over the years. A commercially successful district of Gujarat state, Surat flaunts an age-old cultural and historical heritage. The vibrant traditions of Surat indicate the rich customs and practices of the place which were once followed by the aborigines.

Gujarat is regarded as one of the significant states of India which has made a prominent place in the business sector of the nation within a very short span of time. Surat is a progressive district of this very Gujarat state and hence reflects the same level of expertise and excellence in all its operational domains. The language of communication through which the people of Surat interact with one another forms a very important part of the overall business and general transaction process of the place.

Gujarati is the main language of Surat which is used by majority of population in the district. As an integral division of Gujarat Surat reflects the influence of the same region through Gujarati vernacular. From the densely populated urban zones to the remote villages of Surat, Gujarati is spoken by almost all sections of people. The other languages used by the local inhabitants of Surat are Hindi and English.


Gujarati is known as one of the most authentic languages spoken by the people of Gujarat. The ancient archives of linguistics relate the origin of Gujarati to the Indo-Aryan language group. The rich vocabulary of Gujarati language consists of the variations of Sanskrit. The actual evidence of the evolution of Gujarati language dates back to 12th century. This itself shows the influence and impact of Gujarati language in the lingual history of India.

Languages in Surat including Gujarati points towards the enriching heritage of linguistics in the district.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013