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Textile Market in Surat

The textile market in Surat is reputed as possessing the best-embroidered products of silk and brocade. The traditional market of the region gets its supplies from the textile industry that is situated in the city of Surat. The industry is engaged in the production of yarn and in weaving and embroidering the textile goods. With its wide variety of embroidered saris, the textile market of Surat is become one of the popular Surat tourist attractions.

The textile market at Surat displays embroidered saris and drapes that is the traditional dress of the Indian women. The saris were ornamented with the Zaris that are woven manually by the skilled workmen of the region of Surat. The shiny design of the Zaris is popular decorations that are in demand all across the world.

The textile market of Surat is revolutionizing its products by incorporating new methods and designs that have earned its repute in the foreign countries as well. Computerized embroidery machines are used in the industries to make designs on the traditional drapes of the Indian women. The new technology incorporated has led to the decrease of the cost of production reducing the price of the saris as well. However, the new technology is not beneficial for the Zari weavers who are finding it difficult to compete with the designs computed on machines.

The textile market in Surat exports its beautifully ornamented saris to the Middle East countries. The international market demands more improvisations in the designs of the saris. New trends in the design of Zari embroidered saris are being introduced to capture the increasing demand of the saris in the international markets.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013