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The bustling Surat city, the administrative headquarters of its namesake district in the state of Gujarat is the forerunner of industrial enterprise. The city's is famed for being the second largest city of Gujarat as well as being the ninth largest in the Indian subcontinent. Surat city's claim to fame rests in the Rangupavan arena, the largest in the country.

Lying on the banks of the Tapi River, Surat is an important tourist location with plenty of historicity. Apart from the testimonies of the former days of glory and traces of the foreign settlements in Gujarat, modern Surat also has plenty to speak for itself.

The Rangupavan open air amphitheater is a one of a kind edifice that is considered to be the largest arena of the Indian subcontinent. The theater is a imposing edifice that towers at a height of 18 meters and sprawls across several rambling acres. The 18 m hight theater encompasses a stage of 10.5 m. The open theater set amidst a picturesque setting has a capacity of seating an audience strength of about 4,000. The theater officials are known to organize cultural events and musical soirees, some of which are meet International standards in the premises of the Rangupavan to entertain the captivated audience. It is indeed a wonderful experience to sit out in the open during the pleasant evenings and be gently fanned the balmy evening zephyr and be enraptured by the cultural extravaganzas.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013