Vansada National Park

Gujarat is a state which abounds in the beauties of nature. The Vansada National Park is one such protected area which is rich in the bounties of Nature. Vansada was, previously, a princely state in the south of Gujarat. The town, of the same name, is surrounded by dense thickets and copses of Bamboo. Bamboo is known as 'vans' in the local Gujarati dialect. Hence, the nomenclature of this town and region is derived from these bamboo groves.

The national park is located in close proximity to the city of Surat, one of the nerve centres of trade in the state of Gujarat. The Gujaratis are, by nature, entrepreneurs. Surat is known as the city of Textile mills and is famous for its brocade and 'zari' industry. There are also several diamond cutting centres in the city.

The fc6Vansada National park was previously the private getaway of the Maharaja of Vansada. But soon after independence, it was nationalized. Now it is sprawled over an area of 24 square kilometers. By terms of area, the park is not gigantic in size. But the sheer multitudes of species which call it home are staggering. Leopards, Tigers, Rusty Spotted cats, Pangolins, giant squirrels, pythons, deer, four-horned antelopes etc. are found here.

Since the national park protects a host of endangered species, tourists who want to visit this park must have a prior permission from the Chief Wildlife Warden, Gandhinagar or the District Forest Officer, Ahwa.

The Vansada National Park is a treat for the senses for the tourists who have more than a passive interest in wildlife tourism.

Last Updated on : 3/06/2013