Places to Visit in Thanjavur

Thanjavur attraction adds delight to tourism in Tamil Nadu. The attractions of Thanjavur enable the tourists to capture the vitality of the landscape. It also helps the tourists to know more about the cultural heritage of the city.

Places to See in Thanjavur

Brihadisvara Temple and Fort

Brihadiswara Temple and Fort was constructed in the 10th century by Rajaraja I. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is considered to be an exemplar of Chola architecture. The dome of the temple is reminiscent of the pyramids of Egypt. It is noteworthy that only Hindus are permitted to enter this holy shrine of Lord Shiva. Read More.....

The Shrine of Sri Subramanya

The Shrine of Sri Subramanya is known for its decorative architecture. The shrine, embellished with decorative patterns, dates back to the 7th century. It is a perfect example of Dravidian architecture with the beautiful portraits of Mahratta rulers on the walls. The shrine consists of a tower, which is about 55 feet in height. Read More.....

Annai Vailankanni Shrine

A tour from Thanjavur to Annai Vailankanni shrine is one of the most popular tours among the tourists who come to visit Thanjavur. The tour to Annai Vailankanni shrine is particularly not missed by the tourists who have an inclination for religious structures. The Annai Vailankanni shrine is located on the Elliot’s beach at the place called Besant Nagar in Chennai. The picturesque location of the Annai Vailankanni shrine on the Bay of Bengal shores makes this shrine all the more popular. The shrine is located at adistance of about 10 kms from Nagapattinam. Read More.....

Thanjavur Royal Palace and Museum

Thanjavur Palace is a huge building dating back to 1550. Situated near the Brihadiswara temple, the palace was partly built by the Nayakas and partly by the Marathas. It has arsenal towers, broad corridors and gigantic halls. The palace is known to possess an art gallery, a museum and a library. The art gallery of the palace houses a rich collection of bronze statues belonging to the Chola Dynasty.
Besides these sites, we also come across a number of other tourists spots in Thanjavur. Among the other tourist attractions of Thanjavur are:
  • Siva Ganga Tank
  • Airvateswara Temple
  • The Shrine of Ganapati
  • Sharja Madi
  • Tholkappiyar Sadukkam
  • Hall of Music
  • The Shrine of Chandeeswara
  • Saraswati Mahal Library
  • Royal Museum
  • Schwartz Church
  • Rajarajan Mani Mandapam
  • Mariamman Temple

Tourist Destination Near Thanjavur

A number of excursions from Thanjavur can be planned on a tour to this place, which is one of the most well known tourist destinations of south India. Thanjavur is well connected with a number of other places of interest around the place. therefore, these excursions are quite popular among the tourists. Read More.....

Last Updated on : January 14, 2014