Dehradun Railway Station

Dehradun railway station is the principal transport hub of Dehradun. Dehradun railway station is the first point of entry to travelers visiting Uttaranchal.

Dehradun railway station is a typical Indian railway station. The structure of Dehradun railway station is purely functional; the architects of Dehradun railway station has laid more emphasis on functionality rather than aesthetics.

Dehradun railway station is a facility where train passengers alight and board passenger trains. The Dehradun railway station consists of a principal structure along with other accessory secondary structures that are essential for proper functioning of the rail network.

Dehradun railway station is a terminus station. The railway station at Dehradun is situated both adjacent to the railway line and at the end of the line. The platforms of Dehradun railway station are raised to allow passengers easy access to the train carriages or coaches. The platforms of railway station of Dehradun are interconnected by footbridges.

Dehradun railway station is a terminal railway station. The trains arriving at Dehradun railway station ends at the station. The train engines are reversed when the train is required to pull out of the station.

Dehradun railway station has railway ticket booths. You can purchase railway tickets from the ticket booths inside Dehradun railway station.

Dehradun railway station is equipped with eating facilities. There are a number of fast food restaurants inside the Dehradun railway station complex. The other facilities available to passengers using Dehradun railway station are toilets (separate for the sexes), departures and arrival boards and a Railway Protection Force (RPF) office among others.

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Last Updated on 14 March 2013



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