Transport System in Dehradun

The transport system in Dehradun compares favorably with its peer Indian cities. The transport system in Dehradun provides its patrons a comfortable journey at a reasonable expense.

The transport system in Dehradun is well entrenched and is connected to all major destinations within the Dehradun region. Dehradun is connected by air, rail and road transport.

The Government of Dehradun has taken active steps to further augment the efficient transport system in Dehradun. This is done to make the transport system in Dehradun more useful and relevant with the time. The vision of the Dehradun Government can be summarized by:
  • Facilitate optimal and adequate transport services on important transport routes
  • Increase the share of the railway network in passenger as well as cargo transportation
  • Explore the potential of rope ways as an effective mode of transportation
To implement its grand vision,the Government of Dehradun have taken the following strategy for development:
  • Provide free market conditions to enable private operators to perform efficiently and profitably-thus enriching the transport system at Dehradun.
  • Extend the reach of the railways in the lucrative revenue pie of the transport system in Dehradun
The Government of Dehradun has some major successes related to the transport system of Dehradun to its credit. The notable among them are:
  • An establishment of a 24 hour control room in the Transport Commissioner's office to redress the varied grievances of passengers and pilgrims.
  • Computerization of all the offices of the transport department.
  • Introduction of Volvo buses on interstate routes like Delhi to Dehradun
  • All state transport buses are insured through Oriental Insurance Corporation for third party insurance.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013