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The city of Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand and this is one of the fastest growing cities of India. The growth of the city is noticeable from all aspects, and that makes the city the next targeted place for industrialization by the developing companies and the government of the country too. Ganga and Yamuna, two of the largest rivers of India are located at both sides of the city, and its situated on the foothills of Himalaya. The geographical situation of the city makes it one of the most attractive places for both tourism and migration, and the development of the city encourages more people to come here too.

Dehradun is well connected with rest of the country, and the climate of the city is very pleasant too. The natural beauty and the city itself are very beautiful and attract tourists. One of the of the main things that makes Dehradun a place of interest is the fact that the city holds few of the most prestigious and famous educational institutes of the country. From the military academy of the country to some boarding schools, Dehradun has it all. Apart from that, natural resources and new industries make Dehradun a place of prominent growth. Dehradun is the home for many famous corporations and research institutes too.

Culture of Dehradun

Being the home of people from different religions, Dehradun has become a place for communities with different backgrounds, and that has created a unique culture of the city. That influence of it can be seen on their language, cuisines and art. Communication, education and transportation of Dehradun have surely become the most advanced in the state, and the city is very fast becoming one of the most advanced ones of the country. However, even with the constant growth, the city is clean and calm. A clock tower is situated in the center of the city, and has become a landmark.

Apart from agriculture, many of the people from Dehradun are in business, studies or in the military, which are the results of the educational institutes and the military academy of the city. Basmati rice of Dehradun is exported all over India as is very famous.


Dehradun is everything that a good tourist destination should be. The city has some very beautiful buildings that are famous for their historical, political and architectural values. These buildings are famous tourist spots of Dehradun where the tourists visit for some pleasant time. There are some great temples in Dehradun which are really beautiful and according to the popular idioms these temples are auspicious. There are parks in Dehradun which are very well maintained and beautifully. The historical monuments and clock tower are also famous tourist spots of Dehradun.

The museums and institutions are also tourist spots in Dehradun. The museum of Dehradun has a lot of great historical and valuable artifacts which the tourists can learn from and enjoy. The educational and research institutes of Dehradun are partly open for the tourists to visit too. A tourism map of Dehradun can really be a great asset for you if you are visiting the city for a vacation. You can plan your Dehradun tour with an accurate map of the city that you can find online.

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Last Updated on : 14 March 2013