Population of Dehradun

The population of Dehradun is large enough and comprises a multitude of cultures including the Hindus, Sikhs, Garhwalis, Nepalese, Sindhis, etc. Majority of the population of Dehradun communicate in Garhwali. Some also speak in Hindi, Punjabi, English, Nepalese and Urdu.

As per the Census report of 2001, total population of Dehradun is 4,47,808. Out of these 53% are males and 47% females. 10% of the total population of Dehradun is below 6 years of age. The average literacy rate of the population of Dehradun is 77% which is higher than the national average of 59.5%. Among this, male literacy is 81% and female literacy is 72%.

The population of Dehradun is composed of various ethnic groups such as Indo-Aryan which comprises 72% of its total population, Dravidian which comprises 25% of its population and the rest consists of 3%. Majority of population follow Hinduism(82%). Other religions practiced by the population of Dehradun are Islam(11%), Christianity(2%), Sikhism(2%) and Buddhism(0.7%).

The elegance of the British Raj can be seen in the attire of the Dehradun Population. The men generally wear long-sleeved shirts with tie and jacket while the women wear long skirts, sari or salwar kameez, baggy pants or dress like top.

Dehradun population are basically engaged in Electronics Manufacturing, Textile Industry, Food Processing Industry, Sugar mills, Cement processing, Ship building, Petroleum refining. Some people are also into exports business. The main products exported from Dehradun are textile goods, gems and jewelery, engineering goods, chemicals and leather products.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013