Weather in Dehradun

The climate of Dehradun is moderate due to its location at the foot of the Himalayas. The climate of Dehradun is the same as of a north Indian city i.e, cool winters, warm summers, rainy monsoons and a balmy spring.

The climate of Dehradun also depends upon the altitude, the more high you go, the more cold you will feel. Summer temperatures do not go too high though in winter, the temperature sometimes falls down below the freezing point. During the summers, the temperature ranges between 36°C and 16.7°C. In winters, the temperature lies in between 23.4°C and 5.2°C.

The other significant aspect of the climate of Dehradun is the monsoon. Dehradun gets an average rainfall of 2073.3mm annually. Dehradun receives the rainfall in between June and September. Though in December and January it receives winter rainfall. But the maximum rainfall is recorded in between July and August.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013