Geography of Dehradun

The geography of Dehradun shows it as being located at the center of the Doon Valley in the state of Uttaranchal, forming part of the Garhwal Himalayas. The Himalayas lie to its north, the Shivalik range to its south, the Ganges to its east and the Yamuna to its west. It is about 235 kilometers from Delhi. Once under British rule, Dehradun has preserved its colonial tinge despite considerable modernization. The magnificent landscapes and excellent infrastructure attract numerous visitors to Dehradun.

Dehradun enjoys a pleasant climate. During the summer months, temperatures range between 36°C and 16.7°C. Winter temperatures vary between 23.4°C and 5.2° C respectively. Dehradun is today a major academic and research center and a popular summer retreat. Although the weather is pleasant throughout the year, the geography of Dehradun reveals April to July to be the ideal time for traveling to Dehradun.

The geography of Dehradun is of great interest, from the viewpoint of both tourism and academics.

Last Updated on 14 March 2013