Dehradun Sightseeing

It goes without mention that Dehradun sightseeing is a celestial bliss to the travelers longing for serenity and tranquility. Dehradun, placed between the foot-hills of the Himalayas, Shivaliks, Ganges and Yamuna, is indeed a picturesque sight to relish on.

Dehradun, a coveted tourist destination, attracts tourists, pilgrims and amateurs all alike. Besides, the abundance of leechi, Basmati rice, and tea; the charismatic hills, scintillating rivers, romantic valleys, and marvelous hill-resorts also contribute towards making Dehradun sightseeing a memorable one.

The locations that find reference in the Dehradun sightseeing are:
  • Tapkeshwar Temple

    an ancient Shiv Temple in the Garhi Cantonment, where people come to show their reverence to Lord Shiva.

  • Robber's Cave(Guchhupani)

    a beautiful cave formed by a natural rift in a mountain. There is a cold stream flowing underneath that gives a finishing touch to this picture perfect.

  • Sahasratra Dhara

    "Sahasratra" (thousand) and "dhara" (stream), as the name suggests, celebrates the confluence of many rivers.

  • Laxman Siddh

    Legend says that a sage underwent penance in Laxman Siddh. Many devotee flock here to perform their share of penance.

  • Malsi Deer Park

    Located 10 kilometers from Dehradun, this is a mini-zoological park circumscribing a children's park within its domain.

Other locations that add to the pleasures of Dehradun sightseeing are: In its vicinity, Dehradun also encompasses many other sites of incredible India: Hence tourists, pack your bags and get ready for an exotic tour to Dehradun - a garden of Eden incarnate!

Last Updated on 14 March 2013