Real Estate in Dehradun

Real estate in Dehradun is currently undergoing a boom phase. If you wish to invest in real estate in India, the real estate in Dehradun would be a good choice.

The present boom in real estate in Dehradun is primarily driven by the stunning growth posted by the Indian economy. The boom in the Indian economy is accompanied by the rising disposable incomes of the Indian population. The consumption of the average Indian household has increased; and this has led to the retail revolution. This retail revolution is one of the main components of the boom in real estate in Dehradun.

The boom in real estate in Dehradun is associated with the rise of malls in the region. It is estimated that:
  • The real estate in Dehradun will expand substantially. Retail will expand by more than 80%.
  • There will be a 20% growth in the organized retail segment in the real estate in Dehradun.
The real estate in Dehradun is witness to growing land rates and rapid infrastructure development. For the growth of real estate in Dehradun a proper infrastructure is required. For that, vital infrastructure like roads are being improved.

The value of the real estate in Dehradun is enhanced partly due to the investments in the Information Technology (IT) sector in the region. The State Industrial Development Corporation of Uttaranchal (SIDCUL) is setting up a high technology software park on more than 60 acres of land at Dehradun. The software park is self contained with all the necessary facilities

Last Updated on 14 March 2013



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